Episode #11: Full House, S Club 7, and Silly Putty

That Gamer Podcast is a weekly video gaming show hosted by two broke college graduates. Brandon and Ben put a twist on the traditional gaming format with personality-based banter, mildly offensive behavior, and everything you kind of wanted to know about video gaming and its culture. Delivered straight to your door every Friday and jam-packed with the only the hottest scoops, latest releases, and nerdium that is video gaming, all in beautiful HD.

On This Week's Episode:
* Kotick is Dissin’ on ya’ll
* Good Old Games Drama
* Ubisoft bundling its biggest franchises
* Halo Reach Matchmaking
* 3DS Specs Leaked
* Steve Wiebe is the King of Kong
* States oppose the proposed California law
* Michael Jackson MMO Announced
* Gameloft Sells bunches of games
* LIMBO takes the top spot
* Playstation Move Review by Albert Perkins

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