Everybody's Golf 5: Eurogamer Review (scores 8/10)

From start to finish, it just exudes charm. Like your caddy, who zooms off after each shot to make sure he (or she) is there, panting, to greet your ball when it lands. Or the 'NICE SHOT' that appears in great big multi-coloured letters every time you hit a good shot.

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thereapersson4075d ago

8/10. Not bad, considering, like they said, it bears resemblance to games previously released in the series. But, if the game ain't broke, don't mess with the formula that works. I love the Hot Shots games, and will be buying this the instant it comes out in the states.

MK_Red4075d ago

Wow, getting 8/10 from Eurogamer is no easy task. Gears Of War got 8 from them!

Leg-End4075d ago

and a 4 from 1up because "it doesn't look realistic" and "it's not on 360"

thereapersson4075d ago

The graphics are still really good for the art style. I hope this game gets good press here in the states because the HSG series is really fun.

Kyur4ThePain4075d ago

doesn't even need the UMD to be in it for me to play HotShots. It's so used to it, it uses alpha waves to magically make the game appear.

I guess what I'm saying is I love this game on the PSP and will definately get it for the 3 as well.

resistance1003854d ago

Great Score for a great game.

Loving the short time i end up play it.

Why sony, why did you have to release it the same day as Gran Turismo 5: Prologue over here