PS3 to come out on top, says Jez San

Heres yet another view on the console wars this time in favour of the PS3

Jez San thinks that the PS3 will win the wars outright, but if you want to find out why then just read on....

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BIadestarX5390d ago

This guy is an idiot, "next-generation DVD player"; blu-ray is far from being a next-gen dvd. As matter of fact there are more similarities to HD-DVD (hence the name) than blu-ray. Isn't this guy making exclusive games to the PS3? No sh**! Would he say otherwise? Would be say something negative about his bread and butter? This is like asking Bush what he thinks about the war in Iraq. This guy is 100% bias and wherever he says should be taken as bull sh**.

TheMART5389d ago

It has been posted before (was it not by yourself?) and besides Heavenly Sword which we still have to see in real time running ingame a lot before we can say this guy needs to have a voice, is not that big yet in the industry.

And ofcourse he will say the PS will be on top. Because he has one of the freaking most wanted titles on it. He needs to sell. And the things he says about it, is just what the problem is. The BetaBluRayplayer. One who is mentioning that as a next gen gameconsole, which is actually a videoplayer, hits the weak point for massive destruction! The most expensive part is a freaking non standard videoplayer! Shouldn't the CPU or GPU be the most advanced and expensive part of a GAMING console?

Oh yeah this statement is just as important as his: the person that was whiping the street this morning in front of my office says Chuck Norris will be on top in the movie industry for the next 20 years or so

"it's what it gets down to, over time, that's important."

That's a funny one. Now the yields of Cell are bad, very bad only 10 to 20%. And the BR drive is giving problems with lasers, still. So costs are too high. So can we expect a price cut soon? Nope. Production costs 900 dollar, they loose 300 dollar a unit already.

That's a freaking 3 billion dollar loss when they sell 10 million units! It will take a long, long time before the price will go down. Especially Sony is not turning black marks for a long time already. They don't have the money to give a lower price.

MS with 360 in contrary, can lower their price soon. Yields are good, no problems with the player and the new smaller production process and die for CPU will be implemented soon. So I guess it will be working the other way around Jez!

THE TRUTH5389d ago

Heavenly Sword which we still have to see in real time running ingame a lot before we can say this guy needs to have a voice, is not that big yet in the industry.

You are far behind my friend, WE HAVE seen this footage in-game and yes it looks amazing


**btw, I'm sorry if it has been posted already I didn't think it has, but I have been wrong before"

ACE5389d ago

sean that vid b4 , thats the big deal?

apart from they need to stop using that blur thing and the cut scenes whould drive me mad whats with all that?

its alright nothing speciel just like warhawk and lol takken 6 or is it 10 ?

TheMART5389d ago

I meant more, not more of the same. But well that isn't also the actual point I'm making.

This guy is just in commercially so deep he needs to say what's stated in the article. And his point is very weak when hitting the BR drive combined with the lowered price, which sooner works on 360/MS and Wii side then the PS3.

Although, and I have said it before, this is one of three titles were I would see someone would want a PS3 for. Heavenly Sword, MGS4 and Assassins Creed that is.

THE TRUTH5389d ago

Shouldn't you be playing dead rising? That's the real question!!

Also your way off on your comments about the ps3 Cpu and GPU, they are both the newest technology ever out inside one console. Don't try and down play it or talk about things your so biased about it has totally blinded you!! Learn before you try and teach my friend. You don't build consoles you don't develope games so what does it really matter to you? You have no interest in the ps3 or Sony and that is your choice so why do you say EVERYTHING about it is bad, it can't all be bad my friend and I've done the work to provide gamers positive news about the ps3. Yet you still give Sony no credit? I'm sorry you don't like or want a ps3 but I ask that you turn down your biased opinions and at least give room for you see that not all things about the ps3 need to be so heavily critizied. Game on!!

greenlynxx5389d ago

If anything blueray is not the solution but the problem.

THE TRUTH5389d ago

Would you care to elaborate on that statement?

The problem I have is that there is no problem!! Ps3 isn't a problem with or without bluray you must take it for what it truly is.

My opinion of the PS3 is that is has the newest technology from every angle you look at it! Next Gen media drive, next Gen CPU and NEXT Gen GPU!! They work together to give gamers the most advanced console ever produced. But furthermore its giving developers the best technology to utilize and create games that push there talents to their limits!

Bluray isn't a problem, its not a solution its a tool to give developers exactly what they want!! Secondly its a new technology Sony is utilizing for financial gain and I see no problem with that either.

I'm excited about the new technology and how it will be used to give gamers what we want, which is great games

TheMART5389d ago

Media drive: 1. we don't know the standard yet, so heck we don't know if it's next gen. You could be buying a Betamax/UMD/Minidisc format again and 2. Who say's we'll still need it in some years when everything will be streamed or downloaded and 3. if one wants a videoplayer buy a standalone drive, it's better quality for games a DL-DVD is enough capacity

Next gen GPU? Yeah for scientific work probably. High peak power? Like the power on specs PS2 but in reality it was beaten by Dreamcast and XBOX? It's worth sh*t. It should be the best GPU for getting the best results on games. Which is the 360 GPU actually.

Next Gen GPU? Don't make me laughing on this one actually. It's a standard Nvidia 7900. It's weaker then the 360 GPU. And don't give me the line: "We don't know the spec's yet.". If you don't know the specs you can't say it's next gen also.

Actually BR is a problem at the moment. HD-DVD gives better quality for half the price in stand alone players. It's a pain in the butt. And it stays a problem as long as it's not the standard simple as that. And you want to pay 79, 89 up to 100 dollars to get a game on BR discs while the same games on another console only costs 50 to 60 dollar?

So Truth, here you have it. The simple Truth. And everybody sees and can read it's the only truth. If not, convince with real facts. Next gen GPU? From what? BR no problem? Well nothing there that says it's no problem

Tempo5389d ago (Edited 5389d ago )

Truth seem to think that improvements in storage space is the only recognised form of technological advancement when it comes to media. New codecs and compression tool are being developed constantly to make data storage more efficient, at the end of the day the efficient economical operation of any company should be priority #1. While i admit Blu Ray is a significant achievement where media storage is concerned, its a few years too early. Sony jumped the gun on this one and they are asking gamers to subsidize the format's survival with the high price tags.

THE TRUTH5389d ago

New codecs and compression tool are being developed constantly to make data storage more efficient, at the end of the day the efficient economical operation of any company should be priority #1.

which is where cell comes in to read information at blistering speeds. Bluray RSX and Cell are intertwined! They work together so when you talk about one you have to take in account that they are working together. The reason why it's cheap for Sony to put Bluray drives in PS3's IS BECAUSE OF CELL! Do the research before spouting off "what you know"

Nice of you to choose one of my points to debate but your not getting the point. THEY ALL WORK TOGETHER!!!! Cell RSX and Bluray is what make this technology so good, not induvidually (even though they do shine on their own).

and to MART about your RSX= 7900 or 7800 or whatever else you can compare it to... you have no idea what you are talking about we don't know what Sony has got inside the PS3 as far as GPU. That is a subject being debated everyday example: The RSX Conspiracy - RSX<->G80 Connection ? link:

For the sake of agruement you better hope your "big green X a$$" that it ain't G80 inside the PS3 or else all that shyt you claim to know will be aired out in the open. Just be real and say you don't know about the RSX and anything you "may" know is pure speculation (aside from what was stated at E3 05).

TheMART5388d ago

So the same is for your statement:

"NEXT Gen GPU!! "

You can't say it, because spec's are not out yet. It could be as dull as an Nvidia 7900

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