CVG: Black Ops: New campaign details revealed

CVG reports: "Mark Lamia's confirmed that Call of Duty: Black Ops will follow the series precedent of having a number of human controlled characters throughout the campaign.

When the first Call of Duty: Black Ops trailer emerged it looked as though the game would be based on one soldier's flashback but Treyarch head Mark Lamia has told Edge the contrary."

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redDevil872941d ago

Sounds like the story is being made to be in-depth. Lets hope it doesn't have plot holes like MW2.

SexyPrawns2940d ago

I always hear about these plot holes, but I've never found any.

MW2's story was great!

Gawdl3y2940d ago

Well, gee, apparently Russians don't have security cameras. And apparently, the same Russians that rescued Soap and gang decided that Captain Price was a criminal and through him into prison, even though he was a good guy with Soap. Or when Captain Price launches the nuke -- seriously? Launching a nuke is a much more complicated process than just two keys being turned at the same time. Sheppard seems to have changed branches of the armed forces, considering in MW he was a general of the army, not the marines, and therefore the "30,000 men" he lost weren't his men. Apparently, he managed to change branches and make it back up to general in only 5 years' time.

siyrobbo2940d ago

modern warfare 2 had a plot? i just thought it was a series of random events

TheOldOne2940d ago

That made me lol hard dude.

But seriously the story behind MW2 was just ridiculous.

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Gam3s4lif32940d ago

sounds like a long story imo...

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