STAR WARS: The Old Republic, On PS3 & Xbox 360? Star Wars: The Old Republic is one of the most anticipated upcoming games......Could it be coming to the consoles?

How well would it work on PSN and Xbox Live?

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NYC_Gamer3332d ago

can mmo games be successful on consoles?

GuruStarr783332d ago

I have a feeling we will see when DC Universe comes out for the PS3..

Christopher3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

I don't think they will succeed if they continue to separate the two communities, console from PC. I think DC Universe will do well enough on the PC, but I think the console will falter since it will be the lesser community and will only serve to make it even smaller by this design choice.

I would love SWTOR on the 360/PS, but not if it meant the community would be limited by the platform.

dirtydbz3332d ago

yeah untill they can integrate ps3, 360, and pc on the same servers you are just limiting your optoins granted not ev1 can play on one server but I would love to try this game but I am not spending 1000$ on a pc that can handle it

Chubear3332d ago

now that you have to pay subscription fees after shelling out $60? I'm not so sure about that anymore. We'll see soon enough but I know I was interested b4 when Sony was planing on having free subscriptions and instead use a different payment model but now? no way

If the payments were like five bucks a month then maybe... maybe but $14.99? hell no.

Raikiri3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

I think so, Champions Online works great with a 360 controller (played the demo on my PC) so it would have been really good if it came to consoles,

But then again I think every future MMO's should be B2P on consoles (buy 2 play).
Only then i think they will be truly successful, so therefore Guild Wars 2 will be a great contender, I really hope it comes to consoles.

ChozenWoan3332d ago

I'd nerdgasm on the spot.

Yea, I think all MMOs should go B2P with micro-transactions to fill in the financial gaps... as long as the item shops doesn't result in game balancing being completely skewed.

Persistantthug3332d ago

1. Because EA is greedy.

2. The MMO Market is being sucked up by WoW and consoles is an easy untapped market for expansion.

3. Consoles are basically PC's, thus they are able to do MMO's more easily than ever.

4. EA has the network infrastructure and granted by Sony to make this happen.

Bottom line, EA wants what Blizzard and Activision have, and if they are gonna try to topple and/or match WoW, the easiest way to to that is to go where WoW isn't

I don't know when, but I fully expect EA and Bioware to bring this to the PS3 at some point. With any luck, EA might convince Microsoft to allow it as well.

Spinal3331d ago

I can tell you right now there wont be an MMO as successful as WoW on the consoles. Its just not the market for MMO's. Theres alot console only gamers that dont touch MMO's. Infact 80-90% of console only gamers dont have interest in paying monthly for a game.

Persistantthug3331d ago

Especially this gen.

If the game is dynamic enough, they very well could buy and play it. Star Wars is such a franchise that could inspire this

I'm picturing, approx 6 million PC users and 3 million PS3 users.

Who wouldn't like to tap into 50-60 million install base (PS3 will have approx 50 million when game is launched). Like I said, it's business.

So even if you were right, in that only 20% were interested, that's still over 10 million potential buyers, spinalc0rd.

Every 500,000 users, is approx 90 million dollars a year in revenue.'s business, and EA loves console gaming....they even are bringing SIMS 3 to consoles for petes sake.

While you may not like or want it, no offense, but I think you'd be lying if you tell me you can't see this happening....especially knowing EA.

Spinal3330d ago

Lets put it this way. Lets picture it an MMO like star wars comes to Consoles. Ok so lets see how well consoles handle an MMO.

If you've played an MMO on PC you'll know that its certainly not simple as console RPG's are. Now imagine a group in a dungeon Healer having to heal the tank an the damage dealers. How will targetting your party members function well? With a mouse it can be done almost instantly by clicking on a user or using the F1-F5 keys. How will a console replicate this on a control pad without the loss of the buttons you'll need for your spells?

You must remember if they make an MMO for consoles they have to dumb it down for use of a control pad only, for those users that will NOT buy a keyboard and mouse for the game.

Persistantthug3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

or unheard of.

For instance, I have C&C Red Alert 3 for the PS3. They made a wheel for it. The same could be done for consoles as one option.

But why stop there? There could be multiple UI options made just for the controller accessed right on the Menu Screen.....Choose which one you like better....try em all.

Finally, if you don't want to play with the PS3 controller, you simply can use the default Keyboard and Mouse option.

I fail to see the problem here, spinalc0rd.
No offense, but it sounded like you were fishing for an that's been refuted before. Try Unreal Tournament 3 if you don't understand what I'm talking about.

Really, there's not 1 single good reason for this game, especially a franchise as big as STAR WARS to NOT appear on console, Especially from a company like EA who seems to want most of their game on consoles.
Let me know if you can think of one.

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Raikiri3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

I am one of those who won't be playing it unless its on consoles, I am not a PC gamer i prefer consoles, MMO's are the only games/genre(the only genre i miss) that are yet to work out on consoles,

Long ago no-one ever thought a shooter could work properly on consoles, of course then came Halo

bobcostus3332d ago

RTS's still don't work well on consoles. Period. Played Ruse on console and it's terrible. MMO's aren't good for consoles because very few technical upgrades can be made to game over the course of it's existence because of hardware limitations on the console. (i.e. Final Fantasy XI, Everquest: Online Adventures)

I know a lot of people won't like to see it and I'll probably get a lot of disagrees, but MMO's by their very nature are suited best for an open platform like a PC. This is all my opinion of course, but it comes with 10+ years of MMO experience.

DarkBlood3332d ago

if this comes to ps3 i wont bother upgrading the pc or building one if not then well i'll be looking at a good pc to play alongside my consoles

mugoldeneagle033332d ago

Can we just get a Bioware Star Wars game on the PS3 in general?

I'll take anything..

YoshiMeetsU3332d ago

As much as I would love to see this hit consoles I don't think it's going to happen. Just too much red tape at least for XBL. PSN however I could see it.

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