New PS3 With TV Tuner Coming This Week

Sony is tipped to launch a TV recording tuner for their popular PS3 games console. The tuner will allow the recording and playback of digital TV. The announcement due at the Leipzig games show, in Germany will also see the company announce a major expansion of the PS3 consoles hard drive to accomodate the recording of content....
...The move could force Microsoft to roll out a full version of their media center software for the Xbox 360.


THE TITLE IS IN FACT MISLEADING: not a 'NEW' ps3- just new technology:::

I apologize to "merc3nary" who posted this original story previously which I missed

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CG4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

Microsoft are way ahead of sony interms of digital distribution with the video marketplace and soon IPTV. i mean sony hasnt even got a video download service for the ps3 yet?

Premonition4075d ago

And you know that will change around fast since the consumers know sony for their digital content and being in the entertainment business so theres no sweat to it.

thereapersson4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

Sony is a media monolith, and is responsible for the biggest TV recording service available right now: TiVo. You might have heard of it...

I highly doubt that if Sony releases something like this that it will flop. Besides, while Microsoft has been working on Live for around 5 years now, Sony is just getting the ball rolling on their services, and they are not doing too bad.

Also, this could most likely be implemented as a firmware update, because Sony already has the hardware in place. All that Sony would have to do is create code to work with the hardware and voila!

I agree that this week is almost 99 percent improbable, however, and believe more in the fact that this is probably confused with when they are announcing its install date.

Mu5afir4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

Here are some proof:
Here is one more:

Those are case studies by a fan, but you can see how this can be worked out. Yes, we all know it look sweet.. xD In a few months we will enjoy great TV shows / Movies. That GUI looks sick doesn't it? xD

thereapersson4075d ago

I know it's just concept, but I love it anyway!

Bubble for you

The KEN KUTARAGI4075d ago

If this beats M$ to the IPTV market, I may consider buying a PS3 even though I'd hate to suppor the same company that canned me such a short time ago. No respect for the "Father of the Playstation"

Mk Red4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

You can basically thank MICROSOFT for pioneering the online front for an advanced online component when it comes to console gaming.
Yes, MICROSOFT has been working on integrating IPTV for a while now, and with their advanced compression, a MASSIVE hard drive is really not necessary for DVR functionality. They would be fine with the new 120gb HDD for DVR service.
M$ has been quite about IPTV for a while, and this could just be an effort by SONY to capitalize on their silence, but I have a feeling that if anyone will come to us soon with TV service on our console, it would be MICROSOFT before SONY.

I'd also like to point out that the original BILL GATES on this site has kept his f*cking mouth shut for a while, and it's been rather nice. I like to think that I had some part in that, even though some people took my presence the wrong way. I was really just trying to steal his thunder, and take away his originality. I know he's still around, but using a different name these days, but at least his sensless ranting has all but subsided.

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Snake_Doctor4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

"New PS3" makes it seem as if this isn't an accessory to the system.

Edit: OK I see the story update.
Sold @<60

The Real Joker4075d ago

I hope its an accessory. I am not trading my PS3 for another one.

Tsalagi4075d ago

Maybe it's just a firmware update that lets you save shows to the Hard drive like when you download movies of the 360 marketplace. Any, i'm like you, no way i'm trading my PS3 for a new one if it does require a new system.

PS3n3604075d ago

And how exactly will the firmware update do this? Is the PS3 going to magically pick up the tv signal? There will have to be a hardware tvtuner addon to input the signal in additi0on to a firmware update. I have seen them for laptops and they are very small inexpensive usb gizmos which will most likely be the case. This is a very cool feature coming to ps3.

Tsalagi4075d ago

Of course a TV tuner adapter would be needed. As well as a firmware update, which is fine by me. I meant that i wasn't going to buy some new special version PS3 just to record TV on it. A little adapter that plugs into the back of the PS3 i have now would be fine though.

THE_JUDGE4075d ago

I'd better not have to get a new PS3 cuz that won't be doing that.

Premonition4075d ago

The title might be misleading but lets say if they do roll out a new PS3 with it built in, im pretty sure sony will do the smart thing and offer as an add-on to the people who already have PS3's since like launch etc.

Siesser4075d ago

That's cool and all; now we just have to wait and see what quality of service it'll have. My Tivo sits about six inches away from my PS3, and I'm not getting rid of it for just any ole DVR wannabe. There was rumoring that PS3 might use the Tivo service, which if true, equals and easy "sold" for me.

And if it lets me record in hi-def... no more waiting for the series 3 to drop in price :-) I'd definitely be increassing the hard-drive space though. If it'll let me record directly to an external hard drive, even better.

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