Nintendo Releases Solution to Metroid: Other M Bug

If you find yourself stuck in Metroid: Other M by a locked door, Nintendo would like to help you out.

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Rrobba3338d ago

Nice to see Nintendo trying to help out...but a patch would have been more practical than sending an SD card and waiting a week.

xino3338d ago

And I guess you didn't read the article...right?

Invader_Quirk3338d ago

No, xino, he's right. If you go to the page Nintendo set up for this, that's exactly what they want you to do. Instead of releasing a patch, you have to send in your save file on an SD card.

xino3338d ago

The site's articles gave a walkthrough on how to avoid the whole bug and why it happens:/

no one is talking about SD here.

gamingdroid3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

In the olden days, when a bug actually did happen... you were SOL!

Guess Nintendo still lives in the olden days! Ironic since they are the most innovative company this generation when it comes to re-inventing the console.

TheDeadMetalhead3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

In the olden days, games were actually tested before release BECAUSE they couldn't be patched.

gamingdroid3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

Bug still happened back in the day. It's just the software logic was simpler, although the technology much more rudimentary and harder to debug.

The sort of bug you see here is a logic error. Nothing is really changed, except games are now much bigger with much larger teams working on it. It's a fact that you can't get bug free software ever including the stuff that NASA does.

pcz3338d ago

''Proceed through the door that was just unlocked at the end of the room before doing any backtracking to any previous rooms.''

go through 'the door' at the end of 'the room' before backtracking to previous 'rooms'

umm? what doors? what rooms? talk about vague! almost pointless even talking when they arent giving any good descriptions of the doors in question.

if i encountered this glitch i would have sent the game back for a refund!

gladly, i didnt encounter this glitch.

if nintendo made this game, this glitch wouldnt of happened, its team ninjas fault.

tunaks13338d ago

Yes its all Team Ninjas fault,
get the stakes ready! Team Ninja is the devil.

Mahr3337d ago

"if nintendo made this game, this glitch wouldnt of happened, its team ninjas fault."

Er, whose fault was the Twilight Princess cannon room glitch?

LeonSKennedy4Life3338d ago

Here's a solution:

Play Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

Active Reload3338d ago

Nintendo bug? Wow, I've never seen one from them...interesting.

LeonSKennedy4Life3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

It's not from them. It's from Team Ninja.

Trust me. Once Nintendo starts getting into more complicated game'll see bugs.

There were bugs all over N64 games. The stuff Miyamoto is involved usually top quality though. He is about as OCD as it gets for polishing a game. Gabe Newell being the exception.

I'd love to see Nintendo embrace that also.

Half-life 2 STILL receives updates sometimes. They have been polishing it since it came out years and years ago. If you'd have played it at launch, you'd see the difference. It's just...insane!

darkequitus3338d ago

I think the ability to patch like the other main consoles is in order. You simply cannot rely on beta testers fin every problem. Here is a good example.

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The story is too old to be commented.