Crysis Devs Threaten to Leave Germany

Far Cry and Crysis developer Crytek has threatened to uproot its operations in Germany and set up camp in another country if a proposed move to outlaw violent games comes to fruition.

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MK_Red4165d ago

Germany has had so much bad history with violent games, most notabaly Mortal Kombat. I think its utterly stupid to ban violent games and it's really nice and brave of Crytek to do it but the stupid goverment will likely ignore them.

ALI-G4165d ago

but allow movies with sexuall themes , killing,s0cking ,blood drinkin .......

kurac4165d ago

europeans associate sex with love and violence with death.

MK_Red4165d ago

Great point. They have so many violent movies (Modern German low-budget gore-fests) but when it comes to games... Also, they don't care about age restrictions or adult content. Sex, profanity and drinking are not problem for them. Only violence and only in games.

Ghoul4165d ago

even tough im am german and a developer i can only backup this decision. My Country simple dont want our industry here so maybe we should leave ?

tplarkin74165d ago

You can make your games, here. We'll buy and play them!

ShiftyLookingCow4165d ago

or like David Jaffe, you can join or set up a company in Utah and continue to enjoy your home

P4KY B4165d ago

You can get hard core porn everywhere.
But you can't buy Dead Rising or Gears of War

gunnerforlife4165d ago

i dont get it germany loves the porn business, i mean every german channel shows a porn movie at night but not violence thats just stupid.

mighty_douche4165d ago

maybe its right, germany's always been completely anti-violent, i mean just look at their past!!

lol douches....

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The story is too old to be commented.