The Flaw of the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller: Old School Xbox Live Arcade Game Control

Could Pac-Man and Frogger be to old school for the new Xbox 360 wireless controller.

read on to find out why this might be so....

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Zinswin5386d ago

I use the Hori arcade stick all the time for my arcade titles and it's AWESOME. My only complaint about the 360 is that damn d-pad. Horrible, horrible, horrible.

AudioRage5386d ago

this is good, dono if its worth me buyin, but dam i love pacman but i am gettin really frustrated usin the 360 controller!! the analog stick thros me the wrong direction sometimes, and the dpad can make u go anyway atall at random!! the dpad is good for some functions ie. the functions it has in pdz and in graw, simple ones like shange weapon and waypoints and stuff, i dont think its great for controlling tho. pacman shud have allowed us to use the a,b,x and y buttons to controll him at least