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ShadyDevil3339d ago

Left 4 Dead thankfully isn't being left in the cold.

N4GAddict3339d ago

Great to see Valve still supporting the first game.

pangitkqb3339d ago

Good thing I went w/PC on this one. I love Valve's support for their games.

N4GAddict3339d ago

I hope this isn't the final DLC.

Fishy Fingers3339d ago

Any mention of pricing? Hopefully the PC version will be free.

tacosRcool3339d ago

Dude the PC version is always free and thats why its the best platform!

nation1203339d ago

it would be free on xbox but fucking greedy microsoft makes them charge a fee so microsoft will still get some money...valve wanted to give updates for free on xbox but it costs cause of microsoft...annoying

imvix3339d ago

Valve will always keep the PC version free, because it promotes their steam platform.

Bought L4d2 on steam after months from release at 23 usd lol. Dlcs free for that cost is awesome.

Wonder why anyone even buys this on the Xbox, 59usd then charges to go online, then charges for DLC rediculous. Not to mention no mods, valve games are nothing without mods and updates.

Blacktric3339d ago

If I'm not mistaken, it'll be 560 MS points just like The Passing.

xXManiakMikachuXx3339d ago

PC all the way dude! Can't wait for this and it is good to see that Valve isn't leaving Left 4 Dead in the shadows.

plb3339d ago

I have it on PC. Haven't fired it up in a while I guess this is an excuse to do so lol.

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