PCN Review: FIFA 11

PS3Center writes: Let me start off by stating that I’m not a huge soccer fan, or football as it is known to most of the world. So I don’t know every detail about the plays, or any of the sports terms like I would do for something like an NHL game. I will admit however, that I do actually really enjoy soccer games. I’ve had plenty of FIFA titles on all my PlayStation platforms, and I really enjoyed the last FIFA World Cup game. We were lucky enough to have EA Sports send out their latest FIFA game, FIFA 11 and once again I found myself enjoying a soccer title.

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MrJack2942d ago

"But is it better than PES?"

Fifa 07 is better than PES

PES has just kept falling backwards and EA made huge strides forward, I was an ardent PES 4,5,6 player but since then it's been destroyed by FIFA

AKA2942d ago

fifa7,8,9 were bad to, 10 was ok
11 is better than ok.

but the king is back and PES11 is really great. i will give it a 8.8 to pes review just because it has a lots to improve but the fun factor is there.

fifa11 8/10 or maybe a 8.2/10 is fair

kataloni102942d ago

true pes 8 and 9 was horrible but pes 2010 was okay and pes 2011 is better then fifa ............pes the king is back :D

AKA2942d ago

and is engeneered for freedom this time.

HOSe2942d ago

Do people buy sports games based on reviews? something tells me ABSOLUTELY NOT