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PC Gamers need not be jealous of the console action-adventure genre anymore, for War has arrived and is bringing forth the Apocalypse with him. Darksiders, the Zelda-like game about the end of the world, finally makes the long awaited jump to the PC. Keeping everything from the console game intact, it must be a sure winner right? Read on my friends.

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Azule612945d ago

hmm...looks like an ok game. I might have to try it out one of these days.

rezznik2945d ago

Never tried Darksiders....always been tempted though.

alee2945d ago

Thanks for the review! If I get this, it'll probably be for a console.

TheSanchezDavid2945d ago

Zelda-like gameplay? I am VERY intrigued. Although I think I would be better off trying one of the console versions.