How Nvidia helps keep PC gaming alive

Console gaming has become popular, really popular over the last few years. Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft did a great job releasing great consoles at very reasonable price points. The fact that $200 buys you an entry level Xbox 360 or Sony Playstation 3 isn’t really helping PC gaming at all. Sony and Microsoft did a better job on the graphics side, and games look awesome on them.

A decent graphics card will cost from $199 all the way to $599 and let’s not forget that you need the rest of the PC to pay games. If you want to go into high resolutions, you need a good CPU, lots of memory, fast hard drive and of course big monitor. All this costs way more than a gaming console.

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Rrobba2946d ago

PC gaming will never die!

Snakefist302946d ago

They made a huge job on that side, but why do you think that PC gaming will die. I don't really understand all that hysteric claims about "dead PC gaming" and "dead desktop and healthy laptop" flying around all these years. There is no real fully functional replacement for the PC right now so it'll not fade away that soon. It's not the first time PC "face it's extinction".

evrfighter2945d ago

Nvidia has been fighting innovation. They've downplayed dx10, dx11. Instead they've been pushing to have physx added to multiplat titles. It wasn't until ATI started handing them their a$$es that they announced fermi.

KingKiff2945d ago

Your are very correct...

If it wasn't for the 8xxx series cards from Nvidia they would not be considered a great as they are now. Along with downplaying Dx10/11 for their own gain, they also released an update recently so that you can't have an Nvidia card rigged up for PhysX next to a ATi card. There is an easy work around but it's not the point. They just don't want anyone other than themselves to be the innovator

Nvidia have been fighting against innovations in the field for the last few years and this is one reason I jumped ship to ATi (AMD). Until they offer me something better or start showing better business ethics I am not buying another one of their cards.

MetalFreakMike2945d ago

Nvidia has been screwing gamers over for years. They try to convince everyone PhysX is the best thing ever and told everyone DirectX 11 was not needed. Then when people were buying 5870 cards with DirectX 11 and demanding games support it, Nvidia turned around and started supporting it. As evrfighter stated, they fight innovation because if they didn't come up with it then they don't want anything to do with it. AMD forced their hand with DirectX 11 so they had no choice but to support it.

Chris_TC2945d ago

Nvidia have been "fighting against innovation"? Are you folks out of your mind?

It's fine if you personally don't like their technologies, but this statement is just ridiculous. Things like CUDA and 3D Vision are getting bigger every day. CUDA in particular has had a huge impact, just look at all the software support.

Sarcasm2945d ago

I agree that PC gaming will never die and hope it never does. I didn't spend all this money on my new PC stuff just for it to.

The thing that PC fans don't seem to understand, is that yes. Okay, we get it. The PS3 and 360 is far inferior to the PC's potential in terms of raw power.

But does that mean the games on the consoles are unplayable? From games like Gears of War, to Uncharted 2, to God of War 3 to Halo Reach. Sure they aren't played in 235234x234523423 resolutions with 242343245MSAASASDASCXXASDASF anti-aliasing at 463453 frame rates. But they are still enjoyable as VIDEO GAMES in which what's the whole point of consoles to begin with.

That said, I enjoy all my consoles including the PC.

Substance1012945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

"The fact that $200 buys you an entry level Xbox 360 or Sony Playstation 3 isn’t really helping PC gaming at all"

Lets not get deluded here with the Price, Almost everyone knows a hard drive is essential for gaming these days. Add in a hard drive and that Xbox is already 300usd. Add in live charges for 5 years and the Xbox is now 600usd. Add in the fact every game sold on console is more expensive then the PC, Consoles suddenly start to look a lot more expensive then PC.

A 500usd PC will play 95% of this gens game at 1080p. Point worth remembering PC does everything consoles dont.

Almost everyone here has a PC, it only needs a GPU to play games. A GPU to beat the console experience by miles will only cost 100usd. PC gaming is cheaper IMO anyday.

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Dno2945d ago

I would love to see these $500 PCs that play all games cause i had to spend 1300 just t play ff14 (i could of spent less but not to much less)

SactoGamer2946d ago

It needs to be 'kept' alive? I figured it was doing well enough on its own.

KingKiff2945d ago

Yeah another "PC gaming is dead" article by proxy lol.

yamzilla2946d ago

sells DOUBLE the amount of wii, ps2, ps3 and xbox360 combined, the consoles are little american kiddie toys, real gamers man up and build their own pc!!!

Stop being a corporate drone, 720p sucks!!!!

here are some REAL figures for you to try to grasp;

The PC Gaming Alliance (PCGA), a nonprofit corporation dedicated to driving the worldwide growth of PC gaming, today unveiled its Horizons Hardware research report, an exclusive research study encompassing major aspects of the PC gaming hardware industry worldwide.

Among the key findings: Annual shipment volumes for the PC Gaming hardware market in 2009 were over two times larger than the combined Wii, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 console units shipped in the same period. This trend for the PC Gaming hardware market to outpace all console shipments combined is expected to continue through the forecasted period of the research. In addition, revenues from consumer PCs capable of gaming that shipped with a discrete GPU (excludes Netbooks and integrated graphics-based PCs) totaled approximately $54.6 billion in 2009 and are forecasted to grow to $61.3 billion by 2014. These revenue figures are based on an estimated 61.5 million PCs (Desktop and Laptops) shipped in 2009 that can largely be associated with PC gaming as a key usage scenario

dosgrtr2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

'Stop being a corporate drone, 720p sucks!!!!'

nvidia is a corporation too

'A decent graphics card will cost from $199 all the way to $599 and let’s not forget that you need the rest of the PC to pay games. If you want to go into high resolutions, you need a good CPU, lots of memory, fast hard drive and of course big monitor. All this costs way more than a gaming console'

Raikiri2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Most Gaming Tournaments are held on gaming PC's they are used more then consoles.. Developers need Gaming PC's to develop games for consoles...

But i still find it very hard to believe that more people own a gaming PC then all Consoles combined TWICE.. I can tell you that NONE of my real-life friends owns a real gaming PC, NONE!!.. and i have a lot of friends.

By gaming PC do they mean PC's that can run World of Warcraft or Farmville? because any PC can run Farmville or WoW,
i don't consider that a gaming PC.
I consider it a gaming PC when it can run AION smoothly with max settings

And how can it sell DOUBLE of all consoles combined if its DOUBLE as expensive?
I really would like to know what they consider a gaming PC.

I call Shenanigans on this one

spdarksky2945d ago

What PC Platform ever done to Consoles? It didn't have any grudge against any of them, not like PS3 vs XBOX. I own a gaming PC and i also own PS3/360. But my console collect dust as i prefer to play it on my PC instead on my consoles. The game were cheaper as i can easily plug in my 360 controller anytime that i want.

I still use my old Core2 2.18 Ghz that i overclock to 3.2GHz. Talk about lifespan, i overclock it since 2007 and never it fails me once. I only upgrade to 275GTX only because i wanted to not because i had to.

Ppl keep saying upgrade PC is expensive. Yeah but why do you upgrade if you do not need to upgrade. My old 8800GT can outpaced any of PS3/360 game with ease. Hey it can play Crysis at max and still maintain 25-30fps at native 720p.

Why people do spend to upgrade when the game that they play can have the same level as console game graphically??? THAT RIGHT! CONSOLE GAME IS DARN UGLY!!! PEOPLE UPGRADE TO MAKE IT BETTER!!! PEOPLE PLAY PC GAMES BECAUSE IT'S MUCH GOOD LOOKING AND PLAY SMOOTHER!!! THAT WHY!!!

imvix2945d ago


All of my friends game on PC. in fact i dont even own a console. Few of my friends that did own a console only did so for the few exclusives.

Raikiri2945d ago

I don't have anything about pc gaming i just find it really hard to believe that Gaming Pc sell 2 times the amount of consoles combined

spdarksky2945d ago

How do you want to believe this is true? Simple, just count how many PC available in the world. Then take just 50% of the whole amount you get the amount of gaming hardware sold.

How to justify 50% of people bought gaming hardware. Simple. Take mouse as an example, Razer, A4Tech, Microsoft hell even Cooler Master make gaming mouse now. Take other gaming hardware, joypad, flightstick, racing wheel.

Sound card also consider as a gaming hardware like X-Fi Fatality or Xonar. Even keyboard for PC is one of gaming hardware, example Microsoft Sidewinder series, or Logitech G series.

Let alone graphic cards or even Corei CPUs which being developed for gaming purposes (i'm fairly do not want to count CPU as gaming hardware). PC even have gaming speakers and gaming headphones like the Altec & Creative.

Want some more proof. Read and make a research yourselves.

Gam3s4lif32945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

PC gaming is cool...but i prefer console gaming xD...just my opinion
Just to add, i hav a gaming PC, i will prove it if i hav to.
Reason why i prefer console gaming is because most of my mates play on consoles.

CrzyFooL2945d ago

If you can afford it, PC gaming is a far superior experience.

Gam3s4lif32945d ago

yup i agree with tht...look at my above answer tho...

kaveti66162945d ago

In the long run, console gamers are paying more.

With a PC, you're paying less for games, you're getting the best of every game, you're getting all the features that you would have to pay to get on 360/PS3.

Just by saving tons of money on games alone will offset the expensive costs of high end cards.

That alone is the reason why PC is better.

PS3 has its exclusives and that is it. If Sony wanted they could have their developers develop for PC, right? So, in reality, those games are only exclusive to PS3 because Sony wants you to buy a PS3. If Sony stopped making consoles and became a PC game publisher, they would rake in tons of dough through STEAM. And don't even get me started on Microsoft.

Everything could be done on a PC.

Sarcasm2945d ago

That's not always true.

The biggest problem with PC games is the lack of originality. How come we haven't seen any PC games with the scope and scale of God of War 3? Or how about the buttery smooth animation of Uncharted 2?

It's not just about resolutions and textures.

Consoles are limited so the developers have to think really carefully how they will create their games. And the best thing is that everyone gets the same consistent experience from one console to the next and play the game how the developer intended it to be.

I'm pretty sure companies like DICE and other developers don't want people to enjoy their games in low resolution blurry low budget gaming PCs. They put all that hard work and effort into making textures, artwork, environments etc. etc. just to be dumbed down by hardware. And then we get idiots who complain about certain PC games aren't good just because they cant run it.

imvix2945d ago

Dunno about you but the game i enjoyed the most last year was Dragon age. The same game on console was of no comparison, due to low fps on the PS3 and low res textures on the 360 version. along with the control scheme which was botched on the consoles.

Dragon age was about the most complex game released last year. God of war 3 at best is a mind less hack and slash perfect for the 10-14yr olds.

kevnb2945d ago

the scope and scale of god of war 3... lmao, what? God of war 3 is a great game, but the scope and scale is tiny in this linear game. And original? You mean a game thats almost exactly like the last two is original? And yes, uncharted 2 has good animation, that doesnt make it original.
On console, so many games run and look like turd... especially multiplats on the ps3. I for one wont settle for a game that has framerates dipping into the teens.

kaveti66162945d ago

Those types of games do exist on PC but they're not heavily advertised. And neither God of War 3 or Uncharted 2 are original.

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