Kinect for Xbox 360: on display in Toronto and soon Montreal

If you’ve been hearing about Microsoft’s Kinect for the Xbox 360, but haven’t yet had a chance to see it in person, you can get an early hands on right now, as long as you’re in Toronto. To help promote the launch of the full body interface, Microsoft has leased a storefront and filled 2 storeys with Kinectified Xbox 360s, to give the public a chance to go hands on, as it were.

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Bigpappy2970d ago

on a scale never before seen. M$ is pushing kinect like I have never seen any other product being pushed. What I like about it, is that the customer gets to decide for themselves.

BionicAntboy2969d ago

It's certainly a far cry from what Sony has done with marketing the Move (not saying one is better than the other). The Move just kind of appeared on shelves, without any kind of reaching out to the general population, while MS is pushing this at people who would fit more in the casual gamer category.