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KillerWolverine Writes: Over the past few years Spider-Man has become one of the most popular comic book heroes in gaming. His open-world endeavors have really upped the ante in the licensed comic book game genre. This year Activision and new developer Beenox have decided to change things up a bit with Shattered Dimensions. Now with linear mission structure, four variations on our favorite web-crawler and the incredibly addictive Web of Destiny, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is yet again overflowing with fun.

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xAlmostPro3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

i think this is a great game :)

better than batman: arkham asylum imo.

the cutscenes in this are refreshing, smooth, vibrant.

the gameplays great, lots of moves/combos/upgrades/challeng es/unlocks etc.

the voices are spot on to.

The coolest things for me are the 1st person parts, totally didnt expect it the first time, and spiderman 2099 is fricken awesome(he should be the next movie lol)

Oh and i have to disagree with the 'gets tedious fast' not only are you in a different setting each level, but i always seemed to unlock a new move or two almost every level..and the 'stealth in a spiderman game..why?' well why not? the noir spider man is a stealth version, the levels are created for jumping around in the shadows..i found it quite fun and another reason that it doesnt get tedious fast :P

although i'll agree with the camer angles, although they really arent that bad.

3333d ago