Mafia 2 trailer from GC

Tiscali Games' shakycam capture of this year's Games Convention trailer for the freshly announced Mafia 2 that Take 2 is showing in a special cinema, the trailer lasts a minute and a half and shows footage from the ingame cinematics, including a bar talk and an alley shooting between the cars. The video is embedded on the source page but can also be downloaded. The trailer itself is set to be released officially soon.

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ALI-G4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

MAFIA 2 + GTA4 + 2 DAYS 2 VEGAS(no publisher yet) all in 2008

plus EA stated that the next GODFATHER is already in devlopment could hit late 2008 or early 2009

InSpectre4075d ago

I wonder if that was in-game? Looked nice though.

MK_Red4075d ago

Impressive indeed. Hope it lives up to original's quality.

lil bush4075d ago

actually looks really good

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