Tim Schafer hits back at Bobby Kotick

EG : Brütal Legend creator Tim Schafer has hit back at this morning's scathing criticism from Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick.

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movements3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

Haha, this is hilarious. Go home, Kotick. The man seems more hurt than anything.

AntoineDcoolette3332d ago

"Kotick, for his part, insists his comments are taken out of context by the vocal minority, and in fact loves games and the people who make them. "

Hahahahahahahahaha. Yes, he loves CoD, Guitar Hero, and World of Warcraft because they help line his pockets. Love the people who make them? I'm more skeptical about that claim!

TheLastGuardian3332d ago

Ok, we all hate Bobby Kotick, I get it already. Just stop posting articles about him. I don't give a fuck what he says and I'm tired of seeing his ugly ass face. I never even knew who he was until Bobby Kotick articles started showing up on N4G all the time.

evrfighter3331d ago

the suits in the industry are heated. This could be very good for gamers. Means more chances are likely to be taken with new/existing IP's to one up each other.

8thnightvolley3331d ago

wtf is going on with kotick articles everywhere.. this shyt is even making the man seem remotely important to real gamers...
in fact look at this >

on the edge cover red one ... look at the bottom it acutally is saying kotick? WTF like who is this guy if anything it wont make me buy the freaking mag.

Sarcasm3331d ago

It's pretty funny how Kotick is not only hated by Fanboys of all kinds, but is now hated by his competitors and certain developers.

HSx93331d ago

i believe kotick will now hire ninja assassins to take care of his problems.

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Snakefist303332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

Schafer, the Luke Skywalker of this story were Kotick is Darth Vader.

Jack-Pyro3332d ago

So wait....Kotick is Schafer's Father?

Wow....Conversation at the dinner table has got to be really, REALLY awkward.

dredgewalker3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )


I talked to your mom the other night and it seems that Kotick is your father!....just kidding.....I'm actually his good half twin brother.

moparful993331d ago

LMAO jack that was epic.. I laughed, I cried, I laughed again.. bubs sir...

BTW everyone who hates bobby kotick now has a reason to go out and buy brutal legend.. That would be a huge middle finger to bobby kotex...

SoapShoes3331d ago

If Kotick thought the game wasn't that good, why did he and Activision try so hard to keep it and prevent it from being released by EA? LOL

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user94220773332d ago

"But what's even sadder is that it took him two months to think of a comeback."


antz11043332d ago

ZING, Shafer +1 bubbles.

SoSLy3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

Kotick could have got more comebacks from the little kids playing his MW2 but he chose to make his own but is still inspired by little kids. "attack what is special to them"

Akagi3332d ago

inb4 Kotick emphasizes how big Activision is and it plays host to "exciting" business models we're all apparently "clamouring for".

JohnApocalypse3332d ago

Why should we listen to him? He hasn't made a good game in 5 years. I think we can all agree now that Brutal Legend wasn't really a good game

darkequitus3332d ago

Because, Kocktick is a d#ck. He have proven it time and time again by himself. Whether Schafer has made a good game or not does not change that

Two-Face3332d ago

He has still made one of the fines games ever. Day of the Tentacle for example.

Neckbear3332d ago

Hey, I dunno. Costume Quest looks pretty cool.

danielle0073332d ago

wasn't a bad game. The story was hilarious, and it was obviously a work of love, with all the references.

The only bad part about it was the RTS - elements. If it had stayed a hack and slasher or even some other kind of game, or really polished the RTS - elements.. I think it could have been super great.

Plus, what the fudge are you talking about, anyways?

Tim Schafer is epic.

Saladfax3332d ago

It also merits mentioning that Schafer tends to create quite original concepts as well as unique and clever writing that makes games more than just gravel-voiced machismos firing out from behind chest-high walls.

karl3332d ago

why does he need to make a good game to get respect as a person?
or even consideration for his work...

he seems like a nice guy... i will listen to him

zagibu3331d ago

Why should we listen to you? You have NEVER made a good game. Schafer has made a bunch of GREAT ONES.

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The story is too old to be commented.