UK vs USA: Who are the better gamers?

The American War Of Independence ended 227 years ago. And yet Brits and Yanks are still shooting each other in the face.

Whatever happened to peace, love and understanding? CoD happened. Halo happened. Killzone happened.

But these joyous activities haven't increased global tensions, oh no. If anything, online gaming has brought all of us - wonky-toothed UK types and Wiener-munching US heroes alike - together in the pursuit of virtual victory.

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Batzi3341d ago

Neither. Koreans tops them easily.

xTruthx3341d ago

Every country has its pros and nubs

number473341d ago

Koreans are vicious in all gaming, it would be interesting to see who the best fps/tps/sim folks are.

GoldPS33341d ago

I'm American and I agree with you Batzi. USA is better than UK though. LOL!

jjmustoe3341d ago

the uk is better than the usa

ProjectVulcan3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

The uk seems to have a specialty with racers. We are crazy about internal combustion. I think we have an affinity for racing real and simulated in history, the sport runs through this place like blood in the veins. It helps that the pinnacle of circuit racing, Formula 1, is heavily british. From the number of british winners to the number of contructors based in the uk and all the foreign teams using british engineering talent. Even when the GT40 ran rampant at le mans all those years ago, the car was about as american as Buckingham palace. Ford wanted a car to beat Ferrari, so he asked a bunch of brits to design and build it....:-)

When PGR4 setup these tables for the best performing countries with online racers, PGR nations i believe it was, right from the start the UK was head and shoulders above the rest of the world with win ratio despite more likely to face off against european nations.

We love our racers here, and i think we take it more seriously than pretty much any country in the world.

FordGTGuy3341d ago

Actually your wrong, the original GT-40 designed by Brits never finished the race when it went to Le Mans in 1965. In 1966 Carrol Shelby took lead and dropped in the Ford 427 and created the GT-40 MK II which went on to win the 1966 Le Mans in a 1-2-3 victory. In 1967 Ford created the GT-40 MK IV the fastest GT-40 ever created it was designed and built in America using aerodynamic technology from at that time modern jets. The MK IV finished a 1000 miles in front of the closest Ferrari that was placed behind it.

The GT-40 in some way was always American due to its power plant but the best of GT-40s was completely American.

zagibu3341d ago

I tend to disagree. Most UK gamers I met on steam are quite good, whereas American steam users tend to be younger, and less apt.

ProjectVulcan3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

You are right in some respects, it never won the first time round. But face facts. The chassis was designed from the ground up by two british engineers and a third american with a british education, in england. The first cars were built in england. Shelby did indeed win with a Mk4, but the basic fact remains, the chassis design was as british as it could possibly be.

As for the idea that the redesigned version was the best, its arguable. It was Mk 1 GT40s in British hands (JW automotive) that won in 68 and 69, and an original Mk2 that won initially. Only 1 out of the 4 victories came from the american redesign.

GT40's legacy starting from the second the pen hit the paper in england in the hands of an englishman, to the Mk1s rolling out the factory, in england by english hands, to its last two wins at Le mans make it decidedly british. Although americans would probably claim the car was american, the truth is it was mildly american, and heavily british. It was a golden time for british engineering anyway. Not too much surprise.

FordGTGuy3340d ago

The MK IV only has one of the wins because it was never sold to privateers and Ford left Le Mans in 1967 after proving that it could not only beat Ferrari in a American car but it could absolutely destroy them. A MK II and MK I GT-40 would never beat a MK IV on Le Mans, the MK II was capable of 200 mph however the MK IV went 220 mph on Le Mans in 1967.

Other than the Porsche 917 it was one of the most efficient vehicles to run Le Mans to this day. Bottom line even if the MK I and MK II Chassis and body were British designed it wouldn't even have existed if it wasn't for the investment by Ford of America and it didn't even win a race until a American 427 was dropped into the engine bay.

ProjectVulcan3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Its no surprise the Mk 4 was faster. It was several years newer. Your argument is that one american redesign win equals the achievements of three wins from the british design. I think not. The car's legacy is at the very best, 25 percent american involvement and 75 percent british. Its the only 'american' winner, and as i demonstrated, hardly american at all. Take away three of those wins and what you have is a flash in the pan, not a legend.

American money can do a lot of things but it cant hide the massive british presence and influence in three quarters of the GT40's victories. It certainly cant turn them into all american endeavors, as much as the american public might like to think.

American engineering was at a peak at those times too. Landing on the moon was a huge deal. Thank goodness you got to those German scientists before the soviets right? Lol

FordGTGuy3340d ago

You argue your British involvement yet completely ignore the fact that the cars wouldn't have been going anywhere if it wasn't for the American engine in their bays. The power and reliability of the engines are what gave the cars the wins as the chassis was equally matched by the other British and Italian cars on the field.

ProjectVulcan3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Im not ignoring, nor arguing against american involvement or american money. Im denying america the right to call the GT40 an american car or claim them as all american victories. Like i said. At the very best the car is a collaboration with heavy, major british engineering involvement. Im sure you wouldnt deny it, its impossible.

Just as its only fair to see the apollo program as a lot of American money with a German rocket scientist, and a team of German scientists leading the engineering team. Or how the P51 Mustang turned into a world class fighter, as soon as it was fitted with an iconic and rather British Rolls Royce Merlin powerplant. I wouldnt call the most capable P51 a British aircraft because it has a British engine. Are you calling the GT40 an American car because it has an American powerplant?

I hope not.

Credit where credit is due here please. American money, American powerplants. British design, British engineering, British built by a British team achieving double wins on the same chassis two years in a row, for the first time in Le mans history. If you want to say the car is more American than British and its legacy in racing history is American, then fine. But i'll stick to what i know to be the facts.

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kaos_fish II3341d ago


Only if that game is 'StarCraft' If it's anything else, why even Belgians could beat them!

MrJack3341d ago

All depends on the game!

Shooters probably about equal, they're about as popular in both countries AFAIK, US possibly edging it.

Racers probably UK, Gran Turismo has always been more popular here and there are more 'sim' racers in the UK than US, especially in F1 games which aren't too popular in the US AFAIK

Sports games just depend on the game, I'd probably destroy someone in the US on Fifa while I'd get destroyed on Madden.

Everything else probably equal.

blahblah3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

australians and their lag is THE ultimate deadly force

zagibu3341d ago

Hahaha, australian lagforce saves the day!

tacosRcool3341d ago

I knew that being half Korean meant something!

plenty a tool3341d ago

but i'll chuck a comment in anyway.

the problem is the distance involved when uk/eu players meet us players. it dont matter how good your connection is, or if the game is on a dedicated server or not, if you play in a game hosted on the other side of the planet, you will be at a massive disadvantage!! that goes for everyone!

imo, EVERY game should have region filters, where choose what region you play in, and from what region the players that join come from. imagine games with no laggy people from thousands of miles/kilometers away... bliss

blahblah3341d ago

who understand how internet works and how it should be. everything with distance of more than 5000km is nearing crap.

regional filters, FTW. fact that demon's souls has separated servers for regions is one of the best things that could happen' in that game. now, if only japanese would look at the world map to see australia is on the other side of the world. somehow we europeans always get stuck with them.

r1sh123341d ago

@plenty a tool,
Thats exactly why MW2 is a terrible game.
Halo reach has good servers (most of the time, recent issues)
but I can play an american with a good solid connection, unlike MW2 where 1 player gets host and pretty much has an advantage above others, or even people close to the hosts region which makes it worse for other players.

plenty a tool3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

bubbles to you two for posting something sensible....and some knowledge of the net and the laws of physics. it should allow me to give you two two bubbles each!

i agree, region filters FTW.

r1sh12: halo reach does have a great net code, but i still dont like playing on games hosted on the other side of the atlantic. speaking of cod, i read that black ops will have region filters! if this is true, then i mite just pick it up.

game on my friends

sonicsidewinder3341d ago

People who are intolerant of other people's cultures...
And the Koreans!!!

...the North Koreans.
Seriously lol. They act like gamers on Tib Sun when they have 'just got the ion cannon'.
NKA - "I'm gonna use it!!!"
USA - "Better fuckin' not..."
NKA - "Just Joking lol...(dickheads hehehee)
USA - >:|

*I do not intend to offend, for this is just pretend...bell-end*


UK is best lol.

ThanatosDMC3341d ago

Those damn pro Korean gamers are like jack full of something... i dunno what it is... but i want it!

laoboy_Smoke3341d ago

I wanna see a friendly competition to see which hardcore gamers r better between 360 gamers & PS3 gamers!

ThanatosDMC3341d ago

I wonder what game needs to be used though as the middle ground for a fair fight.

360 man3341d ago

uk all day every day :)

Skizelli3341d ago

I would have to say Americans on FPS, Japanese on fighting games, Koreans on MMOs, and Europeans on racers.

jellybalboa3341d ago

in football us british will kick the americans and koreans ass but not germany,oh no.

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Neckbear3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )


CrzyFooL3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

The Koreans!!

edit: first guy beat me to it :-(

jack who3341d ago

dam dirty Brits all they do is lag all over

digger183341d ago

I don't think so...Since the average internet speed is higher in the UK.

So it must be you yanks that

ico923341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

that reminds me doesn't Korea have the fastest Average internet speed in the world ?

jack who3341d ago

excuse me yes dam dirty Brits have higher net speed they also have "STAND BY" button on thier box which they press and lag up a game

trevonn953341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

korean internet speed is INSANE

trevonn953341d ago

is stupid why do you think gears is so laggy because alot of americans play it

Eamon3341d ago

wtf. The average internet speed here in the UK is like 5mb. How is that faster than the US? Everyone is complaining here because broadband providers overcharge for laggy internet.

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heyheyhey3341d ago

this yank is seriously deluded

BX813341d ago

Who is this Yankee player you guys keep referring to? Can he get me Derek Jeter's auto?

jack who3341d ago

gear is lag cuzz of crap net coding(i bet you dont no wat that is)....stay in school

BBAM3341d ago

Am I the only one noticing the irony here?

blahblah3341d ago

you lag for them. distance kinda takes its toll. at best conditions and best game 0.3sec lag when any eu and american meet. but those are ultimate good conditions.

internet speed has nothing with lag, as soon as speed is good enough to support traffic needed for game data. network traffic still travels with speed of light max. and uk to usa and back is practically almost roundtrip around earth (distance wise) which is around 40000km. jitter in connection is another lag factor which again has nothing with your internet speed, but rather quality of your provider

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