Activision On Trial

Brutal Gamer writes: -

"Game industry history dictates there will always be a villain. In the eighties Atari’s attempt at market domination resulted in the gaming crash. In the mid nineties Nintendo’s stubbornness over the use of expensive cartridges became the bane of many developers lives and wallets. E.A. became the industries resident evil in the early part of the last decade with their over reliance on yearly updates of sports titles and lack of significant IP. Sony’s overbearing arrogance over their PS2 victory resulted in bullish marketing campaigns for the PSP and Playstation 3, which affected the PS3’s launch. Now Activision adorn the blackened throne, lead by notorious blood ogre Bobby Kotick."

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NYC_Gamer3333d ago

they'll be fine long as pump out COD games every yr

N4GAddict3333d ago

This will catch up to them at some point like Guitar Hero

ognawk3333d ago

It will indeed. It'll catch up to them quicker if they start releasing COD games more frequently than once a year.

moosehound3333d ago

Activision are just doing what other large entertainment which is find a formula that works and leverage it to the max. Just like universal or.Sony.might do with a not.saying its right, just the way it is really.