Sony sends PSP2 dev kits across the industry

Sony has handed PSP2 development kits to a number of key third party studios for a “significant launch window line-up”, Develop has heard.

Though it was claimed earlier in the year that developers were shown the device, Sony has since sent out dev kits to numerous development studios – both third-party and in-house.

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SandWitch3334d ago

Cool. We can now expect it to come out after about 6 - 12 months.

smoothdude3334d ago

I think that Sony is going to have a hard time getting people excited about the PSP2 as it will be competing with iPad, 3DS, and Android phones. Unless Sony changes gears and targets a younger audience, I don't see this even coming close to 3DS.

Stealth20k3334d ago

Only the 3ds is competition

LordMarius3334d ago

we haven't even seen it's features. Jumping to conclusion much

CadDad3334d ago

If it has backwards compatibility, access to PSN store games, online play, and support of Sony owned studios, it will be plenty my opinion of course. I don't see how they could leave any of that out, but I'm not Sony.


perfectCarbonara3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

Who games on an iPad ? I can't even hold it for more than 2 minutes because it gets too heavy.

dosgrtr3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

don't care for the 3ds,psp2 is bound to have a killer first party support from Sony ,anyways nintendo first party ain't my taste so I'd gladly pick a new
god of war,resistance,killzone,motor storm,syphon filter and many more over mario,donkey kong,kid icarus etc.

oh and in terms of sales ,if psp2 sells even a single unit i hope that'd be mine

ZombieAutopsy3334d ago

Really smoothdude? I know PSP doesn't sell like the DS but since it's launch it has sold of 60 million units which is pretty good for their first handheld and you can expect the PSP2 to have better tech specs, 2 analogs (yay shooters), most likely apps similar to iphones, and more support if they get the hacking thing taken care of. Only thing i'm worried about is what they are going to price it at because I expect it to be a beast.

Blaster_Master3334d ago

no way dude, the whole reason why I haven't signed a contract with a phone company is cause Ive been waiting to find out who are gonna support the psp2 just in in case it ends up being a phone. I was gonna get the HTC Evo but man I really want that psp2 instead.

bjornbear3334d ago

I see what you mean, but i doubt they'll be competing for that market.

i'd say 3DS is their biggest competition

I'm hoping for a lower price point than 3DS + more powerful hardware.

I don't know, it HAS to be more powerful than the 3DS graphically...otherwise it will be DOA =/

smoothdude3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

Yeah, I am serious. I mean I have two PSPs and one DS, and I can honestly say that I play my PSP 100 times more than my DS, however, I really don't do hand-held games much anymore.

I mean my logic was would I rather play God of War on my PSP or PS3? I would much rather play on my PS3, and since I have a phone that plays games that has taken the place of my psp. Just my opinion, but I do want to see what they are going to do to make the psp2 stand out.

Also Nvidia has already stated that it is making graphic chip sets for cell phones, and at the rate that phones are coming out, gaming might be feasible on a cell. I mean Droid X already has HDMI out!!!

JackBNimble3334d ago

PSP3D anyone? .... just a thought since sony wants the 3d market.

ThanatosDMC3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

Ipad?! You serious???

I hope there's a Monster Hunter game on release. I'd charge my credit card day one. Then cry over it the next week when i cant eat properly.

hikayu3333d ago


you clearly have no idea wat u r talking about .

first , if rumor were to be believed , google and sony will team up against the iphone-ipad . android have yet to have a platform in the gaming business , sony Erricson have been making good phone for android but struggling to break in the US market , i dont see how these 2 would not team up with the fairly well sold PSP to make a killer device that is the best of 3 worlds .

2nd , the nintendo franchise have been in the heart of the younger audience for generations . targeting nintendo's home base is suicidal , every1 knows that . apple just got lucky with their ipod touch and iphone , they clearly had no intention in braking in the gaming business . only when these games start making big bucks did apple change its mind about gaming and start putting in real GPU and good screen .

3rd , if any rumor were to be believed , again , the 3DS would be using a much more powerful , but only coming up slightly more powerful than the psp . graphic wasnt nintendo's department at the clear beginning . they saw how successful the wii was even with its inferior hardware , and how much of a failure the gamecube and N64 was even with their superior hardware . they learned their lesson . 3D is their big gun , and they're not just show casing it .

4th , sony has staggering amount of 3rd dev support too . 1st party alone , sony has incredible support for its platform . rockstar , for once , will be onboard with the psp2 as its specially developed GTA chinatown war failed big time on the DS , they're not trying it again anytime soon .

it's going to be a tough fight for the psp , yes . battling apple's 60 mill strong units and nintendo's giant 3DS . but the ground the psp2 standing on is pretty solid too . it's a fight worthwhile to watch .

sorry for the rant . somebody gotta school him XD .

sikbeta3333d ago

lol @ Ipad... that's a gaming device for you? Pleeeaasssee.....the only competition is the 3DS....


WOOHOO!!! I need more info, please!!! PSP2 FTFW!!!

N4g_null3333d ago

Hikayu did you see the games coming to the 3ds. Every one has the kit. Sure you may be addicted to Sony 1st party games but seriously those games need the big screen other wise they are horrible gameplay wise.

The thrid parties will make the 3ds rock and you guys know it. Also most third parties know why the 3ds sold piracy emulation and porn. Smart phones do all of that ok minus the controller.

I think you guys are going to be suprised at the psp2 when you see it.

Caffo013333d ago

Horrible gameplay wise?

there's a troll here!

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Stealth20k3334d ago

Its just dev kits...its probable a year from release

8-bit3334d ago

Yeah, if the devs are just now getting kits then for it to have some great launch titles they must be about a year away. Unless Sony has first party studios that have had them first.

Stealth20k3334d ago

I cant be excited because theres still over 10 amazing psp localizations coming

5 square games......legend of heroes vi trilogy, valkyria chronicles 3

Mini Mario3333d ago

"as its specially developed GTA chinatown war failed big time on the DS , they're not trying it again anytime soon . "

I thought the Chinatown wars eventually got released on the PSP anyway>? How did it sell on that platform.

vsr3333d ago

1. Second analog stick (every psp/non psp owners wish)
2. Cross platform compatibility with Ps3, and future compatibility with PS4 is appreciated. at least to unlock some items.
3. virtual 3d screen like 3DS and touch screen.
4. Best selection of games.

If all these are fulfilled, It will win like PS,PS2; otherwise fail.

silvacrest3333d ago

i could do without a 3D screen to be honest and "best selection of games" is to vague and subjective, diverse selection of games probably be better

i agree with the rest of your list though

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Brklynty13334d ago

No doubt PSP2 is going to be a handheld beast, now all it needs is the games. The 1st party is going to be there, id love to see an uncharted, infamous, etc portables, but hopefully 3rd part is there. But now im torn was gonna pick up my first psp when ghost of sparta drops and get games like cris core, birth by sleep, etc but with the rumors flying high i dont know what to do. Should i still go ahead with the PSP-3000?

mastemikegee3333d ago

would you rather wait another year? possibly more?

darkcharizard3334d ago

3DS will have dominated the handheld market by then.

f7897903333d ago

Just like the 360 dominated the console market and killed the ps3. Oh wait...

pain777pas3334d ago

Looks like Sony does not mind competing with Nintendo since they are saying nothing on the PSP2 front with the "3Declaration" in a couple days. I'm really excited for both right now because I am comfortable in saying that Nintendo has earned my money on this one and I love Sony tech so PSP2 day one aswell.

1Victor3333d ago

just when I was about to cut my hair came out this news, calling the barber to tell him it'll be a wile for him to see me again.
afro here I go.

JLeVRT3333d ago

It should be here next year. If it has PS2 B/C... it's gonna pwn

Alvadr3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

More like 12-18 months. I bet it comes out Spring 12 but im sure they would want it to come out for xmas

vhero3333d ago

3DS won't be competition just like DS wasn't competition for PSP as they have a differn't audience. Some might disagree but the DS just like the wii was aimed at a younger audience. I mean you had older generation games on it but they didn't sell too well. The PSP is aimed at an older range. We shall see though... If it plays PS2 back cat like PSP did with PS1 games it will kick ass.

N4g_null3333d ago

Yeah that's why more adults own a ds huh? That also why we got a real contra and ninja gaiden. That's also why this handheld is getting xbox and ps exclusives? Right it's for kids.

Nope it's for every one even gadget freaks. Sony better get a huge line up ready other wise they will have a lame waiting game launch. Potiential is what they will try to sell again.

Caffo013333d ago

"That also why WE got a real contra and ninja gaiden"

you'r simply defending your favorite handheld and company..but you're getting caught every time you try to..biased!

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frostyhat1233334d ago

Now they can start making games.


I wonder what the new PSP will look like?

saint_john_paul_ii3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

it will most likely have a touch screen and ridiculous next-gen hand-held graphics and of course a second analog stick, that i think we can all agree on at least. I just hope they give us a better web browser.


the 10-year plan will continue. just because they release a console, doesnt mean they have to kill their other source of income. just look at the PS2.

expect the same to happen with the PS3 when the PS4 ever comes out.

it has to be a foward thinking console as well.

for example, because of the lack of ram, sony is most likely having trouble on bringing services like cross-game chat and in-game custom music to all games. they truly have to think about the future this time with the PSP and of course for the Devs. it all comes back to that stinkin web browser the PSP has as well. i dont want to log in on the go on my device telling me that theres not enough ram to run a web page.

SandWitch3334d ago

That's what I'm looking forward to see mostly. How it will look. Sure the specs also interests me but I believe that Sony will make it superior.

Zinc3334d ago

Cool. Looking forward to seeing what they have to offer the marketplace, much like I am looking forward to the 3DS.

TheColbertinator3334d ago

Please have a 2nd analog stick.Please :(

Galaxia3334d ago

If it doesn't have dual analog sticks it will fail, like every other handheld in history. Recite sales figures all you want but they still don't have anything on a console or PC's.

If it has dual analog sticks I will be so happy though, I will finally buy a handheld for myself instead of just borrowing them off of friends every time a good games comes out for them.

ReBurn3333d ago

Every other handheld in history failed because they didn't have dual analog sticks? Funny how I never would have considered the GameBoy and DS handheld lines failures.

pain777pas3334d ago

PSP2 should have storage, second analog and a touch screen for sure. I just need to know what more it is going to do. Sony knows the complaints and they will address most if not all. The question is what is going to make us carry it in our pockets at all times. 3DS might be able to hang out with your cell. If PSP2 has the capability of having a phone service they may win some new customers and try to legitimately compete with the 3DS.