Dead Rising 2 PS3 HDD Installation Size Revealed

Like many third-party games on the PS3, Dead Rising 2 has a required HDD installation, but when compared to previous Capcom PS3 offerings, this one isn't that bad.

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Hank Hill3342d ago ShowReplies(12)

Hank has switched on Troll control just encase.

rbanke3342d ago

Console comes standard with HDD, Developers use this to their advantage, news at 11.

The_Devil_Hunter3342d ago

Looks like we won't be making a sandwhich for this one. Hahaha...sorry, couldn't keep that one in.

ThanatosDMC3342d ago

Damn, i was getting prepared. Oh yeah, midnight launch tonight. I'll be playing this till 3-4am.

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The story is too old to be commented.