PS3: A Hacker's Paradise?

Cell's security vunerability could prove costly for Sony and the Playstation 3. IBM has released the most detailed document to date describing the security architecture of the Cell Broadband Engine that powers Sony's forthcoming Playstation 3. The design is impressive because it represents the first mass-market processor architecture designed from the ground up with security as a major consideration. Cell is not invulnerable to attack, however, and its greatest strength may yet turn out to be the PS3's Achilles heel as a secure content delivery vehicle.

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Lex Luthor5390d ago

"The PS3's security architecture is a fixed quantity (= sitting duck), from the general layout and functioning of its various components all the way down to the hardware-stored root key. That single master root key, and the fixed, non-patchable nature of a hardware-based security scheme, means that thousands of very smart, warranty-voiding attackers will have all the time in the world to divine the PS3's innermost secrets. And when just one of those folks has an "aha!" moment and hits on the perfect attack, a forum post somewhere will clue in the rest of the planet. That attack will then work every time, on every PS3, and no OS upgrade or patch will solve the problem.

At that point, it's going to be up to law enforcement to check the spread of the damaging information and to prevent the sale of hardware designed to compromise the PS3."

HyperBear5390d ago

Didnt M$ say that the Xbox 360 was invulnerable of hacking mods. Thats why as of today there are about 3 or 4 hacking compaines who apparently have hacked mods for the Xbox 360. So basically what this is saying is that all systems/consoles can be hacked, it just takes time to get to know the hardware and work around it to get it fully MODIFIED.

BIadestarX5390d ago

I live in USA, where can I get a Mod for the 360? And more importantly I don't want to loose my ability to play Xbox live; which is why I haven’t play PS2 since November last year.

shotty5390d ago

The mod for the xbox 360 is only for the DVD rom. You put a duel firmware ship on the DVD drive therefore allowing it to skip the copy right check on the disc. However there is no mod to actually install on the xbox 360 and do homebrew stuff. So the core security of the xbox 360 is still together. Also no one has any idea what microsoft would do to the modded xbox 360 on xbox live.

USMChardcharger5390d ago

yeah, hackers have actually praised M$ for the 360. it is giving them hell.
funny thing of the best security features that is giving them the most problem is a glob of (no kidding)

TheMART5390d ago

Right the problems for PS3 seem far more problematic then the DVD FW hack on the 360. Which still can be undone or your Live could be enabled by MS.

These security holes for PS3 seem to be unrepairable. That's a major problem there

HyperBear5390d ago

If you really think PS3 sucks, then why are you here. Why are you looking at PS3 news and posting comments when you should be playing your Xbox 360, if you have one. Ive just played Xbox 360 for like 5hrs. And then come on here and see you bashing the PS3 some more. Dont you think youve bashed it enough. Everyone knows that when something about PS3 comes up, you bash it. So why dont you stay to Xbox 360 related news and play your Xbox 360 - again if you have one. Everyone also knows that you hate PS3. So enough is enough.

Topic - A Mod is still a Mod, whther its the disc drive or the hardware, its still a mod. but yea, M$ did say the hardware would not be modded and for now, theyve lived up to it. But i wonder how those DVD Modded drives affect Xbox Live?

USMChardcharger5390d ago

hyperbear, you have been on here long enough to know that this site has a unified news is called the home page.
you do know that don't you?

Landa5390d ago

I´ve been playing on LIve with a modded 360 for about a month

Lucas Kane5390d ago

I dunno why u guys see it as a negative news. Mod chipping PS3 would be the best gift to consumers!! Firstly u can buy BD games for half or less the price of the original selling out in the market. Those games for PS3 are sh!t expensive!! more than the price of the console its the price of the software which is important. I dont care if PS3 were to be $700 or $800, coz that is just a one time purchase. But paying $80 for a game is just insane!! and u are not gonna buy jus one game for the console. And if u guys think that when the console goes bust coz of the modchip my $$$ goes down the drain as sony wont provide support for a modded console, u are wrong!! the advent of a modchip will be seen only after a year or so, by which sony would have streamlined the production. so chances of a failure will be less( lets jus assume!!) and the consumers would go in for the modchip only after they see how many successfully long running mod chipped PS3s are there, so that they dont have to worry of getting their console screwed!! BTW i'm running a ps2 which is mod chipped for 3 years and no probs with it!!( yea, i'll get sued by sony alright!!)

Watapata5390d ago

the price of games has not been confirmed one way or another, they'll likely end up being the same price, roughly, as 360 games...

OutpostCommand5390d ago

you insult PS3 when Microsoft,
is releasing a 'Flag ship product' known as...wait for it 'Vista'.
(Cliche 551- The name is Spanish for something)
Vista is not only crap, but Leopard (Apple counterpart) looks so much superior one could doubt the existence of Vista.
Vista just changes the look of your Menues, and *Shock* *Horror* gives you a glass effect. w00t !
Please note: Atleast 2Gb of RAM recommended.
OSX > Windows (OSX absolutely PWNs Windows. Not sure about Linux, never tried that)
Leopard > Vista (Leopard not only will have 250+ features, but theyre actually interesting features belive it or not)
Apple > Microsoft (Not only a better OS, better looking computers and mother boards that can handle 16Gb of RAM, but all Apple Macs can now run Windows anyway (If you wish to play games (Why does MS exist again ?)))
PS3 > 360 (Superior games, better online (Suck on it), superior community and more computing power. And dont you give me that 'Power isnt everything.' Thats just BS)
Hehehehe...I love winding up 11 year old whining cry babys.
Everyone, watch now, ill get a lot of pre-pubescant confused children making vain attempting to insult me because unfortunatly, "mummy cannot afford a Apple Mac" and "The PS3 is out of mummys price range, but you can try uncle Bills console"
Hahaha...everyone watch now, theyll be like Flys over sh*t.
Bring it on, little ones.
And one last not the only one who thinks this

ACE5390d ago

i think you are the 11 year old kid lol!!!!

to believe that crap ,,, maybe they should chuck a graph on sony ernings lol ehehehehheheheehehheehh .....


clayton5390d ago

Apple with never in this decade take enough market share from microsoft to even make a dent. Most of microsofts sells go to businesses, where the employees don't want to use a drag queen operating system that is dumbed down to idiot proof the OS. The only thing apple will dominate is in the portable music player section. I've used a mac before, it blows hard.

4me25390d ago

Are you really saying that MS OS like XP is secure. If so, what happened to MS announcement when XP was released that was totally redesign and secured. Why then every single Tuesday I get the pleasure of downloading critical updates.
Come on , stop calling every one that has different opinion brainwashed and look around. Maybe company that you support is not as perfect as might think.

I never owned any Apple products(not even IPOD) but I would like to point out that Apple computers now running on Intel CPU so for Intel/Home users they will offer choice especially since you can double boot (Windows or Appple OS).

Thugbot1875389d ago

Hmm, first off you have a backward perception on operating systems. I’ve worked as Network administrator for Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac O/S’s and have been Software Engineer for the past 2 years going on 3. I will say like this each operating system has its strengths and weakness. Linux at one time heavly competed with Microsoft (Windows NT 4 days) but after Windows 2000, many of Linux Admin realized Windows 2000 had left Linux in the dust on a lot of things. Linux is a good O/S because unlike windows you have massive control over it you can customize it and most programs for it in a way you can’t do with windows or Mac.

Mac’s appeals to the non-computer savvy and the Oo it’s pretty crowd. While we sit around and pick on vista let’s talk a little about Mac. Before O/S 10 you could not play a CD in the drive and Surf the Internet at the same time, you would have to pause the CD and wait for the page to download then start listening to music. Mac was in such bad shape the company almost went under but wait good old Gates who we love to hate pulled them out of the hole and yes the return of Jobs has kept them out of the hole. Another thing you will notice if Mac had that great of an O/S why would they use the Linux Kernel instead of there own? Anyone who had a MAC around the time High speed came out will tell you they couldn’t support it so were stuck with dialup and you can’t say dialup doesn’t blow. Should I keep going on, Apple Talk (worse network protocol ever made.) The list seriously goes on, MAC may have the best multimedia based system and easiest to use at the moment but other things go into and O/S besides looks and sounds. Try playing a game on a MAC, or programming a quick application, try running a WAN with MAC. When you have done all that please feel free to make a comment on operating systems. Other than you have no grounds to talk.

As for the higher specs for Vista when it comes to your computer please read why Vista requires that. Vista is taking the operating environment a bit farther voice, using DirectX to give Vista a 3D interface. Something MAC, Linux, Unix aren’t doing right now. Hech Linux prefers you don’t use the GUI but use the Text driven command prompt because the GUI can be considered a security risk.

It’s easy to hate Microsoft because the crowd says so but truthfully they have taken the computer world a lot farther and have show us what tomorrow can look like, not all attempt have been good but they seem to be the only doing a decent job at it.

ChickeyCantor5388d ago (Edited 5388d ago )

you mean FIéSTA ( thats a word atleast i think XD)
next to that the looks is not what its all about, Vista is more designed for gaming they allowed Vista communicate with Xbox 360.
so there will be more players online.
ill stick with XP

STFU XBOX U SCARED5387d ago (Edited 5387d ago )

Your Spot on, the Mart is just a kid by the sounds of it, his Mom and Dad have told him he's not aloud a PS3 because it's too expensive, either that or he had a choice and he thought he'd try that card i'll get both consoles and got shock horror when he got that stupid Xbox 360 and was told right no PS3 for you! Lol hahahaahahhahahahahahahahhahah ahhhahhahaahhahhahhahahahahhhhh hhhhhhahhahahahahahlololol!

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