Pocket God Sings About Update #34

It is hard to argue with the fact that Pocket God is one of the biggest values in the App Store. Let’s face it, after thirty-three updates to your game, you have pretty much earned that moniker fair and square. However, after nearly three months without updating the game, people began to wonder if the run of great content had come to an end. Fortunately, that all came to a halt back at the end of August, when they released the first part of their Ape Mountain trilogy of updates.

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roblef2941d ago

Hahahah. I'm still laughin.

bgrundman2941d ago

At least they can have a sense of humor at where they have come up short.

starven2941d ago

Wasn't the point of Pocket God an update on a weekly basis. While they have added a lot, making a video instead of kicking out updates is kinda sucky.