5 features we want to see in Fifa 12

X360Mag: with Fifa 11 so critically successful, many are speculating as to how EA can improve the inevitable sequel. We know...

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NewsForMe3334d ago

Didn't Fifa 11 just come out? Are you already looking forward to another slightly modified game? Why not just play the one you just bought?

Yi-Long3334d ago

... the sooner they can work to do that.

Anyway, stuff that I want to see:
1: in-game edit mode for player-appearances.
2: better replays, instead of the short ones we now have... and not a limited amount of uploads to the site.

CaptainMarvelQ83334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

now with the referee playable
"We are 12"

Rrobba3334d ago

Um...FIFA 11 just came out, and you're already speculating on FIFA 12...sigh.

tatotiburon3334d ago

the ability to watch a match of two friends on Live

kingboy3334d ago

Make the field a little wider for better pitch tactics just like in pes 11 allowing enough time and space for ball construction passes in other words better free one to one roaming

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