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Meisadragon3336d ago

its unreal engine 3 right.

plenty a tool3336d ago

it's coming 1 year later. bioware are a great dev, and i expect them to equal or surpass the 360 version easily

3336d ago
bjornbear3336d ago

Dragon Age was equal if not better on PS3! so Bioware know they PS3 stuff =D

plays different?! what could that mean!? =O more RPG options? Maybe they heard all the feedback people were saying of it having too much emphasis on shooting and not enough on RPG and thus will add more?!?!

either way, it will be a great dea =)

I rather wait if it ends up being superior =D

-Alpha3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

The PS3 version of Dragon Age runs really poorly, the framerate is horrible. Yet it managed to outscore the 360 version on some sites, mainly because the 360 has the worse textures/graphics (but more sustainable framerate, while the PS3's graphics were superior to that of the 360 version). Of course the PC version outperforms both.

I like Bioware. I wonder how much better ME2 will be on PS3. I'm still wanting to get it on the 360 so that way I can have the whole collection, both ME1 and ME2 on 360. But I may end up skipping ME1 if ME2 PS3 version explains it properly.

xboxlj3336d ago

And just how was Dragon Age better on the PS3? I agree that the PC version was much better than console versions, but how was the PS3 version better than 360?

dragonelite3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

It's what you think is more important the fact you can claim you have better textures or the fact you have a higher frame rate.

Still have a feeling EA forced them to do it and just so they can earn some back. To be honest EA is really starting to milk their big studio if you ask me DICE working on multiple games and Bio ware doing the mmo DA 2 and Me 2&3.

If EA pushes dice so far to do all those side project,and the result is that battlefield 3 will suck may god have mercy for them because i won't.

About the changes i would say probably some of the shaders that won't run on ps 3 or other 360 gpu effects. Some has to give in and they will probably put something back that is just as awesome.

moparful993336d ago

I hate it when developers give these vague answers.. All this accomplishes is to pour fuel on the flame wars... But given biowares competency in this industry and the special time and attention that the ps3 version is gaining I don't see how bioware could screw this up... I pray they don't seeing as ME2 is that 1 game on the 360 that I'm truly jealous of..

nycredude3336d ago


"may god have mercy for them because i won't."

Lighten up man it's just video games.

tacosRcool3336d ago

Well at least we all hope Bioware will do a good job

Sarcasm3336d ago

Alpha-Male, the reason why the frame rate on the PS3 version of DA seemed "poor" is because it has V-Sync enabled. It also has more Anisotropic filtering which made all the textures look more clearer.

I think ME2 for the PS3 is in good hands.

paintsville3336d ago

I'm not sure what the visual changes line actually means? Historically the UE3 games have not performed well on ps3. However, this is a very talented group of people working on this game. I am confient that they'll be able to get the sony fan base a good rendition of this great game.

outrageous3336d ago

I don't think Mass Effect will look anywhere near as good as the 360 version. I've had this discussion before, Mass Effect runs on a highly developed 360 engine and I suspect the PS3 version will run 540-640p with alot of strange lighting and nowhere near as detailed. Nobody needs to freak out, but Bioware and EA are just giving everyone the heads up so when it releases in a couple of months people don't have high expectations and are disappointed.

Of course maybe they are saying it will look different in a good way like 60fps and, you know what I mean. If this doesn't look pixel perfect, EA is gonna have a problem explaining it. Same goes for Valve and Portal 2...better be perfect.

-Alpha3336d ago


It still ran noticeably poor. I don't understand the disagrees, I stated a fact about the differences between the versions.

paintsville3336d ago

Unfortunately ANY comment that puts ps3 at a disadvantage, be it true or not...and your statement about dragon age was right on the money, i still have it for ps3....will pile up the disagrees(even if they haven't played it themselves).

SaberEdge3336d ago

Well, he was put on the spot by the question the PS3 mag asked him. He said that it would probably have some visual changes and play a little differently, if only because you are using a different controller, but it didn't seem like he was referring to anything specific, more like he was trying to give them some kind of answer that would satisfy them.

If they were talking about visual upgrades they would have simply said "visual upgrades" or "visual improvements".

ExplosionSauce3336d ago

You mean advantage?...
I think the reason why they disagreed is because he said the PS3 version, despite having poor frame rate, had better textures/graphics and scored higher than 360 in some sites.
That was the kicker.

Unfortunately when you put ANY console at an advantage of disadvantage, you will get disagrees.

I'm sure Bioware will do just fine with it. Not sure if I'll play the game again, but we'll see what happens.

MRMagoo1233336d ago

I have DAO on my ps3 and i cant see these bad frame rates its supposed to have when are they seen because i have missed them completely and ive have completed it with every class in the game once each? I have noticed the large difference in graphical quality tho compared to the 360 version maybe thats why it scored better because real and made up are different things.

Aloren3336d ago

That's pretty easy to see when you compare both versions. I have both and made the test, I ran it on both consoles and just switched the HDMI channel, and while the ps3 version looked slightly better and had more vivid colors, it still had more framerate issues than its counterpart.

Now of course, both version are perfectly playable, so that's not so surprising that it didn't bother you, but in a side by side comparison, the differences are pretty obvious.

I wonder how ME2 will turn out on ps3... I'll probably get it anyway.

skrug3336d ago


it's your wording

"The PS3 version of Dragon Age runs really poorly, the framerate is horrible."

makes it sounds like it's so horrible it's almost to the point of unplayable.

SeanRL3336d ago

@Alpha, you're not allowed to say anything remotely negative about the ps3 on this site. :\

ChineseDemocracy3336d ago

Let's hope these changes are for the better.

Bioware has a great track record, so have some faith.

specialguest3336d ago

This is my theory. They've stated that there will be visual differences between the PS3 and 360 version. If the PS3 version was to be better graphically than the 360 version, they would have capitalized on that fact in order to gain sales, and compensate for the one year delay. However, they didn't state that. So what does this mean? Guess we'll just have to wait and find out.

NarooN3335d ago

"highly-developed 360 engine"? WTF is that? Mass Effect 2 ran on the friggin' Unreal Engine 3. UT3 on PS3 looked better than Gears of War 1 on the 360 (confirmed by Cliffy B. himself) and it ran on the same engine, ran at a locked 30fps @ 720p. If anything ME2 might look better but it's yet to be seen, since this is Bioware making it and not Epic Games.

morganfell3335d ago

Are some people in this thread just absolutely oblivious to the changes in the U3 engine over the past several years? Apparently. This isn't the same U3 engine from 2007.

Sony3603335d ago

Just like every multi plat game.

Oh shit wait a second.

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Christopher3336d ago

It is to bee seen if we will 'enjoy' these visual changes. The responses don't necessarily make it look like a good thing. At least we know it will have an intro for those who haven't payed ME1. Hopefully it's something along the lines of a choose your path story so you can design a character that will be more than just the default character option going into the second game.

AndrewRyan3336d ago

All I know is that I HAVE ALREADY enjoyed the best visuals a year before you will. Thank you PC.

Christopher3336d ago

Actually, AndrewRyan, I enjoyed them on my PC as well...

Don't jump to conclusions.

AndrewRyan3336d ago

I am almost positive if you have already played this game once, you would not get it again on another system, it would be a waste of money! Especially if you are downgrading from PC to PS3.

Christopher3336d ago

I own ME on 360 and PC...

I see no issue supporting a game on multiple platforms if I plan on playing it multiple times. I've played both games more than five times through.

If I have the option to support the game coming to the PS3, I see no reason to not do so and play it again. Graphically speaking, it's more than acceptable on both platforms.

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mirroredderorrim3336d ago

Maybe your brain is having screen tearing? Cause Bioware are topnotch. I enjoy their PC love way more so than console love. So enjoy bashing the PS3 version when 360 is barebones PC at best.

Persistantthug3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

I've noticed alot of PC developers seem to have trouble or "growing pains" with not only the PS3, but with consoles in general. Bioware didn't make Dragon Age: Origins for the consoles, Edge of Reality did ( ).

On the plus side, Bioware does have EA to help if need be.

But yeah....I think it's reasonable to expect some kind of growing pains for the PS3's version considering Bioware has never really done a PS3 game before.
But once that hurdle is overcome, their future games should be that much better...

Who knows, maybe they'll get comfortable enough to eventually bring their Star Wars MMORPG to the PS3.

khushand3336d ago

You forget about dragon age on ps3 which was netter than the 360 version
not as good as the PC version though.

Persistantthug3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Bioware didn't make either of the console versions of Dragon Age: Origins......EDGE OF REALITY did.

What I've noticed, is that many PC developers, unless they can get do it or get it done easily, they tend to avoid console development....DOUBLY so for the PS3. Call the reasons lazy, financial, or staff and resources...this is generally what I notice....they try and stay in their comfort zone, "go with what they know", so to speak.

But in this case, EA OWNS Bioware and won't allow them to continue avoiding consoles or the PS3 because consoles is what brings EA its most money.

So basically, I think we should all consider ME2 as a sort of "training grounds" for Bioware. And just as in real life, TRAINING is how ones mistakes are made and ironed out.

The good news is, is when training is over, said trainee is typically better than before.

HeavenlySnipes3336d ago

Do you guys actally notice the framerate and all hat crap when playing these games? I know FFXIII on ps3 looks better than the 360 version (I have it for ps3 btw, its sucks ass lol) but when I looked at a comparison ideo I couldn't tell th sifference. People like overexaggeating on the site. I've yet o play a multiplatform game where I could notice the difference between the 2 console versions. (Well maybe dring screenshots but not during gameplay)

peowpeow3336d ago

It probably isn't the average framerate that bugs people, but the occasional slow-downs that are very noticeable if fps hits the teens.

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CobraKai3336d ago

I'm hoping the visual change is Miranda's face!!

3336d ago Replies(6)
jony_dols3336d ago

EAs Medal of Honor crew, have used the PS3 as their lead platform. Both MOH Single player and ME2 use Unreal 3.

Im sure EA will lend the support of the MOH teams talents if ME2 has any dev problems.

Elven63336d ago

bjorn: BioWare didn't do the console ports of Dragon Age, it was done by a company called Edge of Reality.

YoshiMeetsU3336d ago

I'm glad it was finally mentioned. The broken record of "Bioware did excellent on DAO" was starting to get annoying when they don't even know what they are talking about.

And nowhere does this article says "PS3 enjoys". Spin after spin on this site.

Hallmark Moment3336d ago

Sounds like the devs are saying the PS3 version is going to be inferior and spun what was said in his article. Even the way asked the questions suggested fanboyism.

bustamove3336d ago

It sounds like you need to reread the interview.

avengers19783336d ago

They probably mean the contols them selves play different. Of course it can look better if they take the time to actually make it better instead of just a stright port.

SkylineR3335d ago

Bioshock on PS3 showed that a late port to it doesn't necessarily mean a better end product. Ah well, you can always just go play it now on a high-end PC and it'll surpass both 360 and PS3 versions. And you don't need to wait until next year.

gman_moose3335d ago

We couldn't get it to look or play as good as the 360 version.

Why didn't he just come out and say it? It's not like people aren't going to notice, or expect it, considering almost every multiplat lately has looked and performed better on 360. I'm gettin f***ing sick of it.

avengers19783335d ago

Why would hte PS3 "enjoy" visual changes if it didn't look as good as the 360 version. And really most multiplat games look and play identical on either console.

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rebirthofcaos3336d ago

If by "play differently" it plays like a RPG instead of a shooter then ill purchase it.

Montoya3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

STFU Mass Effect 2 is a great GAME. If you only own a PS3 you should be happy to have the chance to play it. Whether you think it`s an RPG or a Shooter or both. I already own it for the 360 and I`ll be buying it for the PS3 aswell. Move support would/will be awesome, the wheel system and targeting system would work perfectly w/ the Move.

BulletProofVess3336d ago

calm down montoya.
people can have their own opinion.

unless its Omega4 he doesn't deserve one

Def Warrant3336d ago

lol ME2 is a shooter with limited RPG elements. Only sheep will think otherwise.

ico923336d ago

he wasn't actually calling Mass Effect 2 a bad game, but he does have a point , compared to most WRPG/JRPG Mass Effect 2 has a heavy emphasis on action or to be more specific shooting

Why o why3336d ago

lol, id add a few...but he's n4gs equivalent to greengerg

Montoya3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Ok. I apologize for the STFU (that was rude) I got kinda excited again, I apologize. Oh my GOD I`m a Mass Effect Fanboy... o_o ..LOL...

But, anyway.....

Mass Effect is a GREAT GAME. Period. RPG or Shooter.

@def warrant

You have no idea who I am, what I`m into, what I believe and how I think. Only blind 15 year old who just watched Zeitgeist as their first source of information and think they have it all figured out, call people sheep. Calling people sheep is so typical it in itself sheepish.

StanLee3336d ago

I've always said the same thing, Mass Effect is a mediocre shooter disguised as an even more mediocre RPG. Who knew that combination would make for a great game.

ThanatosDMC3336d ago

ME2 lost a lot of the RPG elements of ME1. Yes, they dumbed it down to a shooter. Have you played both games, Montoya?

But yes, ME2 is a great game. I choose it for GOTY instead of GOW3. GOW3 is a poor man's DMC.

Blacktric3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Whoever's thinking that an RPG game is defined by letting players to add points to their characters' stats and letting them fight with D20 rules are completely wrong. Mass Effect 2 is an RPG game because it lets players to decide how the game will progress and end. If it was a shooter with light RPG elements, then there wouldn't be like 3 different endings along with the possibility of losing your crew mates. Wake up, this is 2010 not 1995.

raztad3336d ago

Hey Tanatos, WTF has GoW3 to be with ME2? your comment was totally unnecessary.

BTW DMC4 is a poor's man DMC, Bayonetta is a poor's man DMC. GoW never pretended to copy DMC.

MRMagoo1233336d ago

IMO i thought all the DMC games where shit but i have loved all the GOW games. ME2 is indeed a shooter with stats thats all it is if i want an RPG fix i wouldnt be looking there.

ThanatosDMC3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

I've always hated GOW series after it came out and was compared to DMC1. Yeeah, personal hate. Nvm... dont mind me.

But ME2 has more appeal than GOW3.... ::runs away::

Foliage3335d ago

GOW had elements ME can never matched. The level of visuals is something the 360 has never come close to matching. GOW had exceptionally polished gameplay, while ME suffers greatly in that category. In fact, the only thing ME might have over GOW is character development, but GOW was never supposed to be good in that area.

You can disagree all you want, but everyone knows it is true.

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Figboy3336d ago

I have Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2.

Mass Effect 1 = RPG in the same vein as Knights of the Old Republic (one of Bioware's BEST games)

Mass Effect 2 = 3rd person shooter in the same vein as Gears of War.

I enjoyed both Mass Effects, but ME2 REALLY disappointed me and my wife, who were annoyed that Bioware pulled a bait and switch with Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2.

The RPG elements are extremely scaled back to the point of being non-existent.

The story in ME2 isn't nearly as good as the story in ME1, and in truth, feels more like a filler story to set up what will no doubt be a FANTASTIC story in ME3. Personally, I think Mass Effect should have been a 2 game franchise as far as Shepherd's story is concerned, then other games in the series could branch off to new characters and plotlines.

I'm eagerly awaiting ME3, but interestingly enough, I'll probably buy it for my PS3, because I prefer the controller. Who knows, I may just end the series on my 360, since I like to keep my series in a set on one platform (like the Metal Gear and GTA series; I buy on PlayStation: Splinter Cell, etc, I buy on Xbox).

SaberEdge3336d ago

What you wrote makes no sense to me. There is not that much difference between the way ME1 and ME2 play. There are a few minor changes here and there, but they both essentially feel like the same kind of experience.

PirosThe4th3336d ago

You probably never even played the first one...
It is clearly downgrade... no extra power ups or armors equipping with many guys... no inventory system...
Barely leveling up system to make up... which is jsut so bland... The first one was perfect... but the shooting was crap... so why not mix the elements of the 2 in order to make 3 perfect!

Foliage3335d ago Show
Figboy3335d ago

criticisms towards a universally praised game, suddenly you are deemed a hater.

for me, PERSONALLY, Mass Effect 1 is better than Mass Effect 2. i did like that Mass Effect 2 improved combat over ME1, but not at the cost of the RPG elements. i don't see why they had to strip down the RPG elements for part 2.

the story in ME2, in my opinion, IS weaker than the story in ME1. characters behaved VERY out of character (Kaiden and Liara stand out the most), and the plot just wasn't as engaging as the plot of the first.

here's a recap:

Mass Effect 1 Plot: Rogue Spectre Agent Saren is after an incredibly powerful and dangerous artifact long thought to not exist from a race of "mythical" beings called the Protheans. Our hero, Commander Shepherd, is on a quest to bring Saren down and recover the artifact, and discover the truth behind the existence of the Protheans and their creation, the Geth.

Mass Effect 2: After being recruited by the mysterious Cerberus corporation, Commander Shepherd is on a quest to locate the source behind a massive rash of human colony disappearances. I won't go too deeply into the plot of ME2 since it's only 8 months old, and many folks haven't played it, but that's the overall gist of it.

I'm sorry, but the plot of ME2 is just very small scale, compared to the plot of ME1. it's not a horrible plot by any stretch of the imagination, but it really does lack the scale and impact of the plot of ME2.

The best part of ME2 is the characters. The party members you recruit in ME2 are absolutely fantastic, but the real meat of the ME2 experience IS recruiting your party members and completing their personal quests to gain their loyalty. That part is great. the CORE story of ME2 is weak compared to the first.

if I could combine the plot and RPG elements of ME1, with the characters and combat of ME2, that'd be AWESOME.

as a long time fan of Bioware (since Balder's Gate and Neverwinter Nights), i know what they are capable of as an RPG developer, and Mass Effect just isn't the top of their game.

people's opinion of Role playing differ, and while I agree that an RPG is taking on a role of a character and playing through the story, Bioware's M.O. has ALWAYS been giving the player a surprising amount of control over how they evolve and upgrade their character. some of us long time RPG fans LOVE to upgrade stats, and this current generation of RPGs have been lacking severely (Demon's Souls is one of the few that really let you craft your character. Mass Effect 1 also let you really choose a path and skillset for your character, unlike ME2).

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omi25p3336d ago

i thought a Role playing game involved being the character and making your own choices throught the game, rather than upgrading your character, because you know your playing the role of the character....

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Why o why3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

you coulda just used stickers to deface ur move controller :(


Awesome Move IS definitely Awesome definitely