Gran Turismo 5 Store Demo Impressions (Gameplaybook)

Sony has released an extensive demo for Gran Turismo 5, which you can play in select Target and Best Buy stores now. Check out what to expect from this fine display...and see if you can keep the kids off the kiosk.

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Godchild10203340d ago

Most if not all gamestop stores have them as demos too. The demo was good and the visuals are awesome.

ExplosionSauce3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

The only problem is that the demo in these stores are from the E3 build :(
The physics will be different, but also quite a few visual effects seen at TGS, such as sparks, skid marks, improved damage and whatnot will be missing.

I hope there's a demo released in October on PSN(from TGS build)

segamaniaco3340d ago

good graphics for a 3d game

jronj3340d ago

At about 110 in the video the car just barley veers off the path and the car spins around in circles. In every video I have seen (and I have seen a lot) No one can keep the car on the road. I know it's supposed to be a simulation but how is spinning out of control all the time fun?

ddurand13340d ago

you must be a rhode island driver, because theyre the worst.

number473340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Most media/non sim fans can't drive in GT... because they are used to arcade stuff and aids like NFS/Shift/Forza.. Which i find funny, because these are the guys that pretend they know about driving come review time.

Spinning out of control all the time isn't fun. Learning how to manage your traction/throttle/braking is, which is why its such a gigantic franchise for car enthusiasts. But you have to do it constantly, not just for this turn, or that turn.

There wouldn't be a GT community if no one could drive... if you think about it? What would these people[media/casual] do with a PC sim? Ace the top laps.. or more than likely wreck? Generally most people wreck sports cars that don't do any sort of course/training if they push them. []

I have no problem(as a gt driver) Playing PC sims. I also have an easy time in other driving franchises because they feel magical. So much traction, so much braking, so much power.. But going from those to GT/PC sims, thats where you will run into problems.

Google GT5prologue drifting/hot lap videos to see people that know how to drive, then see how fun it is.

Strikepackage Bravo3340d ago ShowReplies(4)
diego7503339d ago

Because most of them had never played with a steering wheel. Supercars will be hard to drive, if you do it with PRO physics and without any TCS or ASM. I have GT5 Prologue and I always play it with my Driving Force GT, PRO physics, no ASM and TCS=4. Physics are very different from the actual game but at the beggining it can be a little bit challenging, not anything from another world.

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Strikepackage Bravo3340d ago

the under steer is at a horribly unrealistic level. The guy couldn't even steer into a turn without hitting the wall. What a waste, this game has so much to offer, but its all nill if you cant drive the cars.

killzowner3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Its not unrealistic at all. You must be an awful driver to expect a high-horsepowered V10 Rear wheel drive gallardo to stay in a straight line when 2 wheels are on a raised, slanted surface (the curb) and two on the track when the guy brakes AND turns into the corner. Of course he should have spun out, are you kidding? You're knocking the game because you don't understand real-world driving physics? come on.
"its all nil if YOU cant drive the cars"

Seriously go out and do that with a V10 gallardo and the equivalent of N1 tyres and see what happens. Please. Notice how the guy stays on the track the rest of the video as well and that one simple error spun him out, that's how a simulator is meant to be.

Verminox3340d ago

The cars are driveable, the people playing can't drive and mostly aren't use to playing with a steering wheel with force feedback.

djreplay3339d ago

Don't worry Strikepackage Bravo, you can have the driving aid's on to help you round the track. The game will hold your hand and show you round.

Orionsangel3340d ago

No ones really talked about the music of GT5. Is it going to be crappy licensed music or original music? Will the audio have balance, so I can make the engine sound low and hopefully hear the original soundtrack and not licensed garbage!

Verminox3340d ago

The game supports custom soundtracks.

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