VGC - Ivy The Kiwi? Review

VGC: 'Does this independent title live up to the Yuji Naka name it bears?

Whenever a project is tied to a big name, whether the project is a movie, album, or video game, expectations soar. We expect greatness, huge production values, and unparalleled quality. You see, these big names attained that prestige by being great at their craft. However, these expectations are usually inappropriate. For example, Yuji Naka is one of the biggest names in the gaming realm as he is the father of the iconic character Sonic the Hedgehog. So, as you can imagine, the fact that Ivy the Kiwi is tied to Yuji Naka immediately raises expectations in the minds of many gamers. I can tell you now that Ivy the Kiwi is not great, it does not have huge production values, and it is not unparalleled. What it does have is an innovative, simple, and elegant game mechanic that is worthy of the Yuji Naka name; a mechanic that far exceeds anything you’d expect.'

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Rrobba2946d ago

Looks fun, but I don't think I'll be getting this.

2945d ago