Gran Turismo 5 truly shines in 6 new gameplay videos

Gamersmint : We have six new gameplay videos that Epilson was fortunate enough to take from the demo build of Gran Turismo 5.

Watch all six on the website.

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tacosRcool2944d ago

more like pure awesomeness

rockleex2944d ago

Other than that...


Perkel2944d ago

This clio V6 one is from GT5 Prologue not GT5. Rest of them are from french site

Rrobba2944d ago

Great stuff. Can't wait for this game.

redDevil872944d ago

Theres something extremely satisfing when you beat your ghost

Organization XII2944d ago

must do what cartman did while he was waiting for the wii release..but i dont wanna wake up some 500 years later..

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The story is too old to be commented.