PushSquare: Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow on PS3 Demo Impressions

PushSquare: "It struck us pretty early on, that we’re going to be way more engrossed in Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow’s story than its gameplay. From a narrative perspective, the game’s cinematics and voice-acting are top-notch. Even the dark, European gothic style is inviting. But the gameplay doesn’t quite live up to the presentation’s precedent."

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Serjikal_Strike3339d ago

So I can try this 9/10 game for myself!

GiantJedi3339d ago

Yeah I really want to try this game out because I haven't seen any video reviews yet.

rdgneoz33339d ago

No clue about US demo tomorrow, but at least the EU PS Store is getting it this week (was a 1 week PS+ exclusive last week). So we can at least log on it to try it out.