GameBlurb: First Ten Minutes Of Dead Rising 2

So what’s to be expected of the first ten minutes of Dead Rising 2? A lot of loading. With that said in this firstTEN we have edited out the load times to give a much better look at the game without all those boring black screens. The first ten minutes you will give you good idea of the production values as well as plenty of zombie slaughtering. And did I mention a motorcycle with two chainsaws attached to the handlebars?

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MicrocutsX23341d ago

Turned out to be wayyy better than Case Zero. I wonder how well the PS3 version is holding up since no one seems to be talking about it.

junk3d3341d ago

Well, top row has two articles on the PS3 version. Seems to be gimped in performance. Why are we still having these issues so far into the lifecycle...sigh.

Kiroe3341d ago

Looks a lot more polished than Case Zero. I might actually have to rent this one.