Gaming's Culture Clash - East Vs West

The “Grind” seems to be an accepted modus operandi for many Eastern gamers but it’s widely frowned upon in the West unless done right. Looking back at one very stand out Eastern Title would be Bayonetta, this game sets the bar for it’s genre in every way and should not be ignored (thank Sega’s nonexistent marketing for it selling like ****). Bayonetta has excellent flow that never bores; the grinding is there for those wanting the hardcore kudos but it’s also not “required” to progress… I think that’s important, in many traditional Japanese titles this would not be the case. It’s an important avenue to explore as a standard to please both sides of the globe.

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NYC_Gamer2946d ago

i'm just more into western games...not really into that anime style/gameplay of most japanese titles...

Viper72945d ago

I don't really care about the looks of a game and well made Anime themed game can be just as good as a game with realistic look. However I love open world, choices and all the freedom in the games but west is just so much more ahead in those areas.

Many J-RPGS seem to be these TBA or SRPG style games with map with dots that guide you trough series of event's without giving you more freedom than going back a dot to battle again that same battle. Or alternatively giving 100 floor custom dungeon.

As for many unsuccessful western like games, I doubt the reason is the protagonist or the group of heroes. Maybe marketing or game-play.