PlayStation Plus retail cards spotted at Target

You'll soon have an easy way to give the gift of Hulu Plus eligibility and discounts on random PSN games. Tipster BlindNoir photographed a PlayStation Plus access card found at a Target store, redeemable for one year of membership to the premium service (see a picture of the whole card after the break). Plans for these cards were first (casually) revealed by Sony's Susan Panico in June.

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B-Real2062943d ago

nice, if I just hold out a little longer. I might find one on sale!

rroded2943d ago

jus buy a psn card n use that...

Baka-akaB2943d ago

depends if they can also be used as psn cards ... but yeah

Anon19742943d ago

I use PSN+ right now and I'm loving it, but I'm the only one of my friends that signed up. They're all interested and ask me questions about it but none have made the plunge yet. I'd totally consider giving a membership out at Christmas to my gamer friends so they can enjoy it for the year.

Liquid_Ocelot2943d ago

I gotta be darkride66's friend!! Hehe :)

Christopher2943d ago

I guess this is primarily to just advertise PS+, but you can do the exact same thing with the current PSN card. It's what I did for my brother-in-law when PS+ started.

r1sh122943d ago

the only thing stopping me from upgrading to psn+ is the early beta access is not guaranteed...
if it was I would on it.

electricshadow2943d ago

Still not convinced to get PlayStation Plus. I might try the three month plan just to try it out though. Basically 20 bucks.

Evolve2943d ago

Yeah, I'll buy one for another EU account, I have only U.S PSN + account, but looks like The EU PSN+ account get more stuff, too bad for u.s :(

Pedobear Rocks2943d ago

needed for Hulu is only during the beta period that this holds true.