GameBlurb Weekly Rewind: 09/20/10 – 09/24/10

Introducing the GameBlurb Weekly Rewind, a new video feature that will recap the top gaming news stories, trailers and rumors from the past week. In this episode we’ll cover Steve Wiebe’s return to greatness, BioShock Infinite Gameplay, Nintendo 3Ds Specs and a banana hammock for your Wiimote!

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MicrocutsX23334d ago

Hey this is a cool idea! There was a couple of stuff I missed last week. Hopefully we'll see this more often.

RahatR3334d ago

It really all depends on how well you guys like it! Please make sure to vote after the jump.

jaidek3334d ago

Nice video digest! I would like to see a segment covering the game releases of the previous week as well.

Kiroe3334d ago

Screwattack does daily news recaps but I usually forget to watch them. I'll give the weekly one a go.

liquidxtension3334d ago

Will they be doing this more often?

RahatR3334d ago

Yes we will try to do this on a weekly basis. Glad you enjoyed. Stay tuned for more and check out our store where you can score a free copy of Halo: Reach or Spiderman!

evildeli3334d ago

liked the recap. pretty cool feature