Why Syndicate was “bad to the bone”

PC Gamer: PC Gamer is blessed with a seasoned 17 year history. Occasionally we reach into our deep archives to retrieve something wonderful about a game we love. Today, we’ve dredged up ex PC Gamer shoe-shine-boy Kieron Gillen’s fond memories of Syndicate.

An undead ninja dressed in gaudy yellow has just grabbed the eye-sockets of his opponent and torn his head clear of his body, dangling a couple of feet of glistening wet spinal cord after it. Cue screams from the horrified tabloids. Gamers laughed at it or with it, depending on their temperament. It’s 1993, and Mortal Kombat, in terms of press controversy, is the Grand Theft Auto of its day. But only in those terms. Anyone who has actually played the game knows that it belongs purely to the Grand Guignol tradition of video nasties, a comedy fountain of gore. Mortal Kombat was just slapstick with a very sharp stick. It wasn’t bad to the bone.

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