Borderlands DLC 'Claptrap's New Robot Revolution' Out Tomorrow

Nicki ford from Coregamer: The fourth piece of Borderlands DLC awesomeness, "Claptrap's New Robot Revolution," hits the digital playground tomorrow, September 28th on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC for 10 bucks.

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DeleteThisxx2941d ago

Last time I checked it's already out.

Blacktric2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

Yeah it's already available on Xbox Live Marketplace. I didn't check the PSN Store though but it must be out on there too since today was the update day.

vickers5002941d ago

At the moment, it's not out on the PSN store.

BooZe2941d ago

Already completed it on Xbox 360. It's awesome!

gamestorecowgirl2941d ago

About how long did it take you to complete? Did you do all the side missions? Trophy/Achievement whore it? I'm worried about it being super short. Is it as bad as the Destructoid review makes it out to be? Sorry to badger you with questions. I have a long drive home before I can start downloading.

2941d ago