iPhone Dev Team demonstrating new jailbreak

iPad-Sense writes: The iPhone Dev Team has demonstrated today his new jailbreak for iPad, iPod and the iPhone. They do this by a new found exploit. This exploit is different from other exploits because it can´t be fixed by a software update.

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AwesomeJizz3340d ago

How is this gaming related?

Anton Chigurh3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Welcome to News 4 games

MGRogue20173340d ago

Your right.. This should be on TechSpy.. Not N4G.

Eamon3340d ago

yeh, this is tech news.

xDaRkModEx3340d ago

Haven't you heard the iphone is the best console of all times? OF ALL TIMES!

mirroredderorrim3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

It's Tech. Nuff said.

Edit:I see... so N4G is JUST for gaming now? I miss diversity without having to sign up for other sites, and while some might suggest Facebook simplicity, when signing up for a new site, these days, I refrain.

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rwarner1743340d ago

Does this mean I can load the andriod OS on the iPad. I may get one then, ha ha.

sak5003340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Android is krap compared to iphone 4 at least. I just got iphone4 10 days back and have been using my Nokia N900 as dual booting to Maemo and Android 2.2. Even with above 90% working version of 2.2 on n900 it looked and operate like total clown os. Every program is closed by pressing back key, multitaking is halfbaked some apps will probably work in multitasking but others will close. Have to use 3rd party software to manage tasks. After maemo (which nokia treated as neglected red headed stepchild)and dearth of apps or games from nokia, installing android was a blessing with 1000s of apps and games available. Games like asphalt worked like charm albeit w/o accelerometer support yet available in teh NITDROID os. BUt after getting a jailbroken / unlocked iphone4 with 100s of thousands of apps and games readily available and some of the classies games ever to grace a hand held device i'm simply awestruck on this. This is my first apple product btw.

Now my gf changed her mind from buying a Samsung galaxy s to iphone 4.

Active Reload3340d ago

I'm the same way. I would never in a 100 years buy a Mac computer or laptop. But the iPhone, ipod Touch and iPad, made me a believer. Its funny, I had my loot saved for the Evo 4g, but for a whole month of trying to find one I just gave into Apple.

rwarner1743340d ago

Andriod is far from "krap" compaired to anything. And mac cannot touch it in terms of customizablity. Plug in your iphone and try to get access to your files from a file manager as opposed to using itunes. Then tell me about 3rd party task managers.

Also, try going to a apple store and asking someone if you can get a stylis pen for your ipad. Instead of helping my firend out, the little mac nazi asked him, why would you want to do that? You can use your finger. He was like I just want a fucking stylis pen for you shit conductive screen. Instead of helping it was like, why are you using it for something we don't think you should be. Maybe because you can't take effective notes with your fucking finger you little bastard!

Spoonfeeding facist bastards. Anyone that buys form that company is an idiot to the tenth degree. Good news for Apple, there are lots of idiots out there.

At least google (as of now, they will probably change to) lets you customize and do just basic things without the use of itunes. I hate the direction technology is going, gearing it to the dumbest lowest common denominator.

trevonn953340d ago

the site is called news for gamers which means it could be anything that can play games just a thought