GC 2007: Borderlands to Require Hard Drive on 360

Following a demo presentation at Games Convention in Germany today, Gearbox president Randy Pitchford confirmed to 1UP that Borderlands -- his upcoming "Indiana Jones meets Mad Max" sci-fi four-player co-op first-person shooter -- will require a hard drive if players choose to play it on Xbox 360.

Because of the way the game procedurally generates everything from weapons to armor, Borderlands has different requirements from typical first-person shooters. "If it weren't for where the 360 and the PS3 have gone, with big hard drives, and lots of memory, and powerful processors, there's no way you can conceive of this as a console game," Pitchford said.

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hella whip4076d ago

This is gonna spark a huge flamewar unless it gets drowned out by some major announcements later.

mingeeta4076d ago

yep it is, and quite rightly so. We are hearing this sort of stuff more and more from devs, and this news just clarifies it even more

ALI-G4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

M$ drop the price of the ******* 20(14)GB flashmemory

to be honest:i see this gaming skiping 360 or will be dumped down $$$$$
if a game going to required HDD it is going to be GTA4 or maybe this is the reason GTA4 is delayed.

larry0074076d ago

they are officially screwed.

Now they would have to purchase a 20gig HDD worth 100$

Geez what a way MS to rip customers

ip-student4076d ago

except maybe Sony. The HDD is an optional purchase, it can be purchased by anyone with a core system. Perhaps the price of the HDD - which is way too high - will drop in the meanwhile.

More importantly, the whole reason for having Bluray was just made obsolete. Proceedural generation of graphics allows for relatively small amounts of code to generation large amounts of images. A DVD is sufficient (and being faster and cheaper - it turns out to be a better choice).

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Chris3994076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

Heat resistant visor? Check.
Dragon Scale Shield? Check.
Magma Boots? Good to go.

And I'm out!!!

- C

P.S. PS3 and 360 lovers, people of the next gen, why can't we all just hate the Wii? Peace, I call for peace! (But I'm running from the inevitable flame war regardless.)

4076d ago
Lucidmantra4076d ago

only one problem it is not NEXT-gen ... it is NEW-gen and (xbox/ps2) LAST-Gen.

No matter what you are a fanboi your new console is out... thus it is NEW-GEN.

crunkthug4076d ago

thx god that i have a ps3

Meus Renaissance4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

What is there to flame about? More and more games are needing a HDD but that means Core owners will not be able to play the game. So what? They shouldn't have bought the Core in the first place - now they'll have to upgrade if they want to play.

It is not an opinion.

It is a fact

hella whip4076d ago

Yes but didn't Microsoft say that all systems will play all games?

Panthers4076d ago

M$ shouldnt have put out the core to begin with.

Meus Renaissance4076d ago

Microsoft says alot of things. The Core console is irrelevant and its their fault for introducing it, and the customers fault for being fooled by the smaller price tag.

But in all honesty, most who owned a core in my experience, have now or atleast planning to get a HDD. They just bought the Core originally because the other models were out of their price-range but later get the HDD when they have the dispensable income.

It's not a crisis as people are making it out to be.

shysun4076d ago

Ouch poor Core owners!:(

The Wood4076d ago

BANG ON. Ms say a lot of things. Im a ps3 fan and can see that fanboys hear things and believe its the holy grail, a message from god or should be. Glad to see some people dont fall for constant PR. sony guys say a lot of things as well. seems like your the type of guy that wont crucify sony for their words for the sake of fanboyism despite your preference. bubbles +. Call it what it is, a mistake.

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88 movement4076d ago

Chris399 thats the answer ive been searching for he's right! HATE THE WII!

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