Atelier Rorona Ships Tomorrow!

PlayStation Blog US: I just wanted to quickly drop by (so it will be a short post!) and remind you guys that Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland will be shipped tomorrow, 9/28, exclusively to PS3! I’ve been hearing from many of our fans that they just can’t wait until the release date of Atelier Rorona … But there’s no need to wait any longer! Well, just one more day. :)

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Blaster_Master3334d ago

I cant believe Sony finally gets an old school rpg that's actually worth a damn and I dont have money to buy it day one. Sad week for me, my ps3 just ylod and everything. Thank god im a fanboy and have another ps3 at my disposal.

Xof3334d ago

I guess they think you're lying...? I don't get it. Nothing you've said is subjective. To the best of my knowledge, Atelier Rorona is the ONLY 'old school' (dragon quest-style) RPG on the PS3. And I've no reason to doubt that your PS3 YLOD'd.

Since there's nothing subjective in the post, there's nothing to either agree with or disagree with. Someone, please, explain this to me. (*waits for someone to disagree with this post*)

Blaster_Master3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

Welcome to N4G dude. I dont care if people think im wrong, or whatever, Im used to the disagree fairy.

Oh an to those that are mourning for me, dont, I got a buddy who fixes ylod for me whenever I need them fixed. Believe it or not, ps3's are easy to fix.

And the reason why I said thank god im a fanboy is because if I wasn't I would only have one of said system. I love my ps3 so much that I had to have 2. See what i did there?

Neckbear3334d ago

It isn't "Sony" who gets it. It's a third-party exclusive, that's all.

"Thank god im a fanboy"


Either way, I have it pre-ordered at GameStop. It'll take a while to ship to my country, but can't wait!

Xof3334d ago

My biggest disappointment with Atelier Rorona: Amazon didn't offer release-date shipping.

Well, not that I'll have much time to play it this semester, anyhow. Well, at least with the dual audio I'll have a chance to expand my vocabulary a bit--I'm not playing a game, I'm studying!

Then again, the stuff said in anime/games tends to be pretty useless...

Why o why3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

*raises move controller in mourning*

OT ill grab this game just for the sake of it being an rpg. I kinda prefer calling western rpgs as wrpgs and jrpgs, rpgs as that was the region like 90% of my early role playing games came from. Its not an absolute just my way of seeing things

AceofStaves3334d ago

I'm so looking forward to this title. For me, few things beat an RPG.

xskipperx823334d ago

I pre-ordered the limited edition from the NISA store. Should be here tomorrow!

TheColbertinator3334d ago

Damn I should order this puppy soon

Freshnikes3334d ago

This is just my opinion...I don't get this game I seen some videos on YouTube ...and this game looks last gen. I was thinking about getting this..I always see wats coming out on Tuesday then do some research on it....but man this game looks bad really really bad...this game probally did good in japan causer they're into all that anime stuff....but these preteens in short skirts is not good they shoulda focused more on the actual 1 fail...

Stealth20k3334d ago

Shut up ......the games been getting amazing reviews the game is good.

Graphics dont make good games.

Apotheosize3334d ago

The studios who make these games are niche and very small, they dont have the funding like SE and Capcom do.

Neckbear3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

While I understand your statement, I beliebe this kind of games have a niche fanbase and a small budget.

Either way, for a graphical update, you should see Atelier Totori- it's by the same studio, and it's made after this one (here's hoping it'll get localized).

I, myself, think that the graphics, while not impressive, look charming- the artstyle looks good on the eyes, and it looks pretty...cute.

Oh well, if you haven't readed in-depth reviews or have investigated about this title, I very much doubt you would have liked a Turn Based RPG about Crafting Stuff as a 13 Years old Girl.

Oh, by the way, I wished people stopped saying "Hurr this looks liek PS2 lol" When you have no idea what that means-

Making an HD game takes more work thanks to the amount of detail you can put into it- better textures, character designs, etc.

If you seriously believe this could ever look like a PS2 game, you need to go back and play a PS2 game again. Then you'll realize Anti Aliasing, Texture Resolution, Particles and Special Effects- those all look VERY different, even on the crappiest looking game out there (Well, not the crappiest, but I doubt you could say Atelier Rorona "has ps2 graphix hurr lol")

That's for you both, kaixxi and Freshnikes.

Learn what a "PS2 game" really means.

Edit @Freshnikes Post down there:

Uh, bro. Demon's Souls had Sony of Japan behind it, although From Software makes somewhat good-looking games with the small budget they have.

Either way, as I said before, this game simply isn't your cup of tea. You wouldn't like a game about going around fields as an alchemist, looking for certain items to go back to your Atelier to craft stuff.

Really, it isn't your kind of game. And it isn't the kind of game of alot of people.

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The story is too old to be commented.