'F**king mad' to call DJ Hero a failure, says dev

With sales that currently stand at over 1.6 million units, FreeStyleGames creative director Jamie Jackson believes it's madness to label the trendy music title DJ Hero a failure.

"We're at over 1.6 [million], pushing towards 2 [million] now, which is cool," Jackson told VideoGamer.com during a recent visit to the studio's Leamington Spa office. "If anyone had said me to me when I was starting my career in the industry that you'd work on a game that sells that many copies and it would be considered a failure I'd have said 'are you f**king mad?' And I still probably stand by that now."

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B-Real2065037d ago

I look forward to picking this up out of the bargain bin. The first one was on sale constantly and I'm pretty sure the second will as well....

MrMccormo5037d ago

DJ Hero - in my opinion - is the best of the current music games. And I don't even like hip-hop! I'm glad the game was successful but not too successful: it keeps it under the radar from becoming another milked-to-death Guitar Hero.

B-Real2065037d ago (Edited 5037d ago )

Isn't part 2 coming this year?

release date for NA: October 27, 2009
EU: October 29, 2009

Drum roll please..........
DJ Hero 2 expected to be released worldwide in October 2010.

and after a closer inspection it looks like part two will be released on the 19th of oct.


MrMccormo5037d ago


Yes, DJ Hero 2 is coming next month. Have you played the demo? It's going to be sick! They've improved every aspect of the first game.

rdgneoz35037d ago

@MrMccormo So its gonna be milked once a year and not several times like GH...

mirroredderorrim5037d ago (Edited 5037d ago )

Anything I have seen come up on the public radar is getting bought up and milked!

The internet is a double-edged sword, imo. With all the accessible information, you are able to do things you couldn't do normally without having more life experience or coming into contact with the right people, by life's chance.(in-person)

You have their experience as guides for you, in the form of videos, mp3's, tutorials (both text and video) and Etc.

The point I am trying to make is that if this DOES ever become successful in the eyes of Kotick and MilkyVision then they will magically grow Udders on the bastard and have at it like Frank Dux in Bloodsport, it's still up to the public to embrace a terribly conceived game, though.

Edit: @ people who enjoy DJ hero, this isn't a knock towards you, i just don't enjoy those kinds of games and don't think we should pay the normal price as other, "FULL" games, in my own, strong, immovable opinion.

siliticx5037d ago

DEMO?!?!? is it on psn?

iceman065037d ago

Yes! It's been up since last Monday. It's a great slice of what's to come if you liked the first title. There is more control over portions of the mix including freestyle mixing and scratching. I have to say, being a fan of the first one, that it is a pretty good improvement. It's probably what they wanted to accomplish in the first title and didn't have the time.

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gtamike5037d ago Show
Rrobba5037d ago

I prefer this to most music games, but it's not exactly mind-blowing.

electricshadow5037d ago

I agree, DJ Hero is an insanely fun game. I'm going to buy DJ Hero 2 used for sure though.

YoshiMeetsU5037d ago (Edited 5037d ago )


Suck it up FreeStyleGames

The game gets boring fast and the music.. well.. fork in the ears is preferred.

It does look like they are improving from the first game. But then I look at the music selection and want to puke.

xXManiakMikachuXx5037d ago

DJ Hero one was a success, it's a fun and amazing game. I agree with MrMccormo, it is one of the best music video games out there. I don't think DJ Hero 2 is going to be as successful as the first though.

iceman065037d ago

I would disagree. The reason being that a LOT of people have picked up the original at highly discounted prices. Since they have the peripheral in the home, the buy in on DJ Hero 2 is significantly less. I'm thinking that a $60 or less investment is much easier than $120.


Six Activision Games I’d Like to See Revived Under Microsoft

As the world reels from the shockwaves of the seismic news that Microsoft is acquiring the proverbial swamp of the video-game landscape, Activision Blizzard King, it only seems natural that our minds should now shift towards what the fallout will be for presumably years if not decades to come.

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MadLad902d ago

Another Prototype would be awesome.

As for Singularity, I don't necessarily need a sequel, I just want to see Raven be able to flex their creative muscle again; not just be relegated to assisting with CoD. A lot of the old guard is still with the company.

That's part of what I'm hoping to see come from this acquisition. Revive teams like Vicarious Visions and Ravem to actually allow them to work on their own new projects again.

Crows90902d ago

As great as that would be the deal wont finalize until end of fiscal year 2023. Until after that date MS wont really have a say as to where resources will be spent. So we wont realistically see anything until perhaps 2026 or later.

LWOGaming901d ago

I think that’s a point that so many people are missing. Things will not change this year or next year at all. Maybe some changes might be apparent in 2024 but 2025/2026 is a good estimate of when things will really start happening. And I don’t think we will see as big a set of changes as some are suggesting.

TallDarknWavy902d ago

Those teams having not worked on anything, the employees find jobs at other companies, they don't just remain unemployed till someone at the publisher decides to revive the team, they need to eat lol

That said, this list of games makes me unexcited for anything outside of CoD that Activision has to offer. All games are in stale genres, like Guitar Hero, Simpsons Hit and Run, these are long surpassed genres that are going to be difficult to revive.

gamer7804901d ago

I want to see new IPs. Not a bunch of forced renovations of old franchises.

Gamer75901d ago

Why not a combination of both

gamer7804901d ago

@gamer75 if it is a combination it has to have my seal of approval. Such as a new Warcraft game or a new Warcraft mmo, or an action game based off the night elves orcs and humans if it’s a new IP. I’ll let you know after I talk with Microsoft

King_Noctis901d ago

Man I’ve been waiting for Protoype since the last one. Protoype could seriously be MS’ answer to Infamous (freaking loved that game as well, hope Sony make a new one soon).

porkChop901d ago

I'd love to see Raven take another crack at Heretic and Hexen.

MadLad901d ago

That's one I see being tossed around a lot to bring back, even if not from Raven themselves.

Put so many hours into those games over the years.

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Knightofelemia902d ago

I'd like to see Activision get the Transformers license again and continue the War and Fall of Cybertron games. the movie games were crap and the game that combined both movie and Fall and War of Cybertron sucked a new Prototype would also be good as well.

jaymacx901d ago

You deserve a 1000 likes haha 😂. It’s a shame High Moon didn’t get to continue making Transformers. If they got a decent budget i think most of us TF fans would be excited.

wolf581901d ago (Edited 901d ago )

Ms bought Activision and everybody dancing for what? For cod? Ms want to atleast earn some money Back from those 70 billion dollars.... The only thing they count on is more gamepass subscribers via Activision cod, diablo and over watch 2 1st Day free at gamepass. If they decide to make them exclusive to xbox they Will lose profit from ps4 and 5 sales. As For a New ip or an existing ip like over watch 3,diablo 5 or anything else like a New transformers Dont you think that developers need at least 3 years to Do something decent?
Anyway my opinion is that ms want to make videogaming Just a subscription a la netflix and that ps5 will beat xboxsx in sales like ps4 beat xbox and xbox one x..... All the money ms spending It Will defentily make more gamepass subscribers as for games we all must wait at least 3 more years... And thats why ps5 will get ahead in sales they have more AAA in the pipeline already plus lets see their answer for gamepass... P. S i Dont support subscriptions from neither company and i didnt buy switch plus for n64. If they give me the option to buy n64 games then yes i Will buy them but i am not paying for a rental.

902d ago
902d ago
rlow1902d ago (Edited 902d ago )

Re-imagining of River Raid and the original adventurer Pitfall. Oh Zork is also a great game.

ThatsGaming901d ago