Bulletstorm: Developer Interview

NowGamer chats with People Can Fly founder Adrian Chmielarz about Bulletstorm, collaborating with Cliff Bleszinski and in-depth details of the game.

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plb3341d ago

Is anyone even looking forward to this game? Every article I see about this game has no/few comments.

xYLeinen3341d ago

I was very excited about it but I don't feel the same way anymore. I think there so many titles coming out in October and November that next years titles gets shadowed.

As for this moment I'm excited or Castlevania, Black Ops, MoH and Enslaved.

Panthers3341d ago

I actually havent heard about this game at all yet. Ill check it out. But even considering that, I am more excited about this than MOH or COD. Those games look like the same thing weve seen all this generation. Im tired of it. And just like I refuse to buy Madden every year, I will not be getting rehashed FPS games every year.

thesithfreak3341d ago

i have mixed interest in this. on one hand i was looking forward to another awesome sci-fi shooter where you didn't have to aim down iron sights. but now i find out its another iron sight shooter, although still different, i'm a little irritated.

StanLee3341d ago

There have been some fantastic gameplay videos released for this game. One narrated by Cliffy B and another narrated by a female producer on the game. They can't both be found over at I'm really excited for this game. It looks fantastic and have a great concept. I'm hoping co-op is announced as it has a great platform for co-op as you're always accompanied by a supporting character.

Active Reload3341d ago

Wow, you don't like looking down the sights? Thats one thing...probably the only thing, I wish sci-fi shooters took from military shooters. Anyway, I think this will be great for PS3 owners who don't get much attention from Epic since UT3. They'll get to see first hand, how much the UE3 has evolved. And if you're a sci-fi shooter fan, don't pass up on anything with Epic involved, because you're going to be in for a real treat =)

ssj2gohan833341d ago

I'm so looking forward to this game, it's going to be a beast, and I have it on pre-order for the pc.

divideby03341d ago

not on my radar... to many games, to little time to play them all....

Rrobba3341d ago

This game look's really fun.

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