Kotick: I’d be jailed for doing what West & Zampella did

New light has been shed on the severity of Activison’s allegations against its former employees Jason West and Vince Zampella.

The ongoing lawsuit between the ex Infinity Ward duo and its former employer is being held behind legal tape, but Activision CEO suggests the crime scene is particularly gruesome.

“The frustrating thing about that is, the stuff that these guys did, I would have never expected them to do,” he said.

“We’re a public company, we’ve got ethic obligations, and the things they did were... I would go to jail if I did them.”

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NewsForMe2945d ago

Didn't both sides breach the contract?

Christopher2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Neither has been proven, so no word on that.

His comments are purely speculation and have no substance considering he's selling his side of the aisle's case. West & Zampella could come out and say the exact same thing about how Activision handled everything, but they're too busy working on developing a new game rather than wasting time throwing Activision under a bus.

rroded2945d ago

cant wait for the courts ta settle this in favor of IW activision is the scumist company in the games buis right now.

Tapey2945d ago

Activision might be an unlikeable company but I have no idea why people hold Infinity Ward in such high regard considering how terrible Modern Warfare 2 was. Yes Kotick is a money-grabbing ass but West and Zampella basically gave their fanbase the middle finger with MW2, and have somehow got away with it. It's absolutely mind boggling that they could crank out Modern Warfare 1.5, with a disgustingly short singleplayer campaign, terrible co-op and a hilariously broken multiplayer component and people will champion them.

It's made even worse by how arrogant these developers are, both trash talking Treyarch regardless of all the great things they introduced to the COD franchise, to treating their playerbase like idiots and pulling important features from the game just because they couldn't be bothered putting any effort in. I will be shocked if their new game under EA is any good.

Rhythmattic2945d ago

Kotick is lower than scum, he is what I would call a "Scrotum Gargler"

StanLee2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

All you little twats calling Bobby Kotick scum; what do you know about running a multi-billion dollar for profit company successfully and doing what's in the best interest of your company? How is Activision scum for releasing iterations of Guitar Hero and Call of Duty each year when consumer demand continues to be high? How is he scum for raising revenue, marketshare, share prices and his company's visability since he's been CEO? How about you little dipshits stop whinning about things you know nothing about on the internet for a change?

Ju2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Yeah, he did a fine job. If you declare greed as one of your principals in your business strategy, that is. No other CEO is as outspoken as he is and yet manages to make money with their companies. Activision is sure not the only one who has achieved this. Others with a lower profit margin, but this does not disqualify them of being a successful company.

jony_dols2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

@Stanlee. What the hell do you know about running a multi billion dollar company? Bobby Kotick is a trash talking, arrogant fool, he is effectively driving away business from

Is that what your idea of a professional is? How often do you hear the CEO of McDonalds trash talking about BurgerKing? Or hear the chairman of Texaco bitchin about BP. These companies compete angainst each in advertising and prices, like any other other professional business, not bickering like a jealous 4 year old.

I for one has made the decision to buy Medal of Honor instead of Black Ops. Many other gamers are consciencely not going to buy Black Ops because of Bobby Kotick. His little opinion pieces are going to end up severely tarnishing Activisions reputation and reduce profits.

Activision and Bobby Kotick both know that the companies profits peaked with MW2, both the COD and GH franchises are diminishing in popularity, and future enteries into the series will never sell as well as the originals, hes grasping at EAs coat tails, who he knows has fresh and innovative IPs and well established franchises.

Rhythmattic2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )


You are right.

He is a Business man, wanting to make money for his shareholders, which in turn , pays his most likely ridiculous pay cheque..

As for His ethics ??

The guy said they were friends in the infinity ward days..... now recently stating they have backstabbed him...

They probably did, and when all 30 or more walk out on him , do you really think it was the Love ??

PS. Twat do you mean, Stan Flap ?

Leio2944d ago


Thats make him a decent CEO but a scumbag he still is.

And what do you know about running a multi billions company you litle twat ?

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DORMIN2945d ago

Protip for Kotick: Be more like Kevin Butler

Chuk_Chuk2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

“We’re a public company, we’ve got ethic obligations, and the things they did were... I would go to jail if I did them.”

hold on, stop right there. who are you to talk about ethics?

kaveti66162944d ago

Take an ethics class. Even though we feel that Kotick is an unethical dick, he hasn't actually done anything unethical. Seeking profit is not unethical.

JoelR2944d ago

The way this whole thing has come down has not been good for anyone involved and would have been much better handled internally but both sides decided the media should be involved... I am embarrassed to be in the industry with this stupidity going on.
I have never been sure West and Zampella weren't in secret negotiations with EA. Their new company formed and had a contract to fast not to suspect otherwise. In that case then yes West and Zampella would be in breach of contract at the very least and in the extreme case could be charged with any number of white collar crimes. OTOH we will see at trial the evidence for wrong doing on both sides - then we can decided who is guilty and who is not.

Guilty until proven innocent is not the western legal way.

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DelbertGrady2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Kotick would never be jailed. He's constantly equipped with the "one with the devil" and "get outta jail freecard" perks.

@ZombieAutopsy - That's the official story. In reality Kotick tried to sell their souls as DLC. He's like Highlander. In a couple of years he will have harnessed enough power to run Activision completely by himself, developing and releasing a new COD on a monthly basis.

ZombieAutopsy2945d ago

Weren't they just looking for a different publisher because their contract was getting close to being up and Activision didn't pay them what they were suppose to???

I guess yea they should of waited to look for a different pub but when you are getting screwed out of what I can only imagine being millions of dollars I wouldn't wanna wait either.

outrageous2945d ago

They had signed a deal with the release of MW1 and then after the game started to do well, wanted to not only renegotiate the contract but thought they could actually walk away with the franchise...O_o

EA has a big role to play in this as it was them that started all the problems by telling those two morons to go over to EA and they would be paid a fortune. They actually worked for EA and then left to make COD at Activision. I hope these two Infinity Ward bone heads lose everything and are not allowed to market or sell a game in the same year as a COD game...meaning NEVER. Kotick was right, if he pulled something like that he'd be in jail.

Urmomlol2945d ago

Did Kotick really just say something about ethics and obligations?


theonlylolking2945d ago

You better be jailed for just being the boss of activision.

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