Motion-sensitive videogames - a travesty in pictures

Flytrap writes: "Move, Kinect and the Wii Remote have something in common. They're all going to make you look like a first-rate idiot and numptyboy. This has occasioned a bit of a quantum shift in how games are marketed.

Back in the late '90s, it was all about guns, blood and skin. Now, it's more a question of making shoulder-dislocating spasms look like seriously right-on and "happening" activities that you totally wouldn't mind performing in front of people you might want to see again at some point in the rest of your life. Click on for evidence."

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HairyArse2945d ago

Kinect makes me look like a right spaz.


dirigiblebill2945d ago

I went to a Microsoft Kinect event a few months back, and the PRs had actually gone and hired professional dancers to demo Dance Central. Who's going to step up on stage and make an arse of himself/herself after you've seen a frickin' bona fide *professional dancer* perform the same number moments before? Silly billies.