Killzone 3: New Video Shows Amazing Gameplay Footage From PlayStation Hub

Great Jetpack action, huge explosions and a lot of more: A visitor of the PlayStation Hub in Dublin, Ireland, had the chance to record some new gameplay footage of Killzone 3.

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HolaTarola2968d ago

Thank's for de direct link man..

Can we do something to get banned this 'Sub85' guy? He submit all the news from this crappy site and then himself get the news approved with the multiple accounts he have, just check who approves the Sub85 'news' is always the same 'people'..

bjornbear2968d ago

the said "we are working on it" but considering the state of this site, it seems like they are working on twitter and facebook accounts and not the actual quality of the site

tbh, its flogging a dead horse, best bet it so rate the site badly / don't give them hits =/

WoshJills2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

I want to help. How do I rate a website poorly?

Edit: Nevermind.

8-bit2968d ago

More of the same crap.. I want to see SOMETHING NEW!!! I am a huge Killzone fan and I am dying for some new info or footage. It is beginning to piss me off that they keep putting up the same demo from E3 and posting it over and over stating that it is new.

Rhythmattic2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Im with ya......

How about a smidgeon of some forest they have been talking about..... at least !

dosgrtr2968d ago

it's the same awesome e3 footage

himdeel2968d ago

...this video has been through the ringer and the mods on this site must have been asleep because this has been the only video seen of the single player since E3.

NewsForMe2968d ago

Oh gee, thanks for stealing a video off youtube and showing us it, videogameszone. Especially something we haven't seen in HD before.

Megaton2968d ago

Funny thing is that they stole a video from GameTrailers a couple weeks ago showing the exact same stuff. When you can't steal new material, steal dupes.

2968d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.