The Realities Of A LEGO MMO

Gamasutra: There are always tremendous complications when developing and launching an MMO. As APB recently handily demonstrated, it's an enormously time and money-intensive endeavor to launch a game on this scale -- and even when it does launch, there are numerous additional considerations arising from audience issues.

Of course, from that point forward, a company has to operate the game as a service, and continue to update it with live content. And then there are business model considerations...

In this lengthy but fascinating interview, Ryan Seaberry, creative director of LEGO Universe at developer NetDevil discusses the development process of the expansive toy-based title -- drawing in everything from the cloud-based graphics-crunching technology required to get the game up and running, to why it's a subscription-based title, whether Luke Skywalker might make a cameo, and how the team has been focus-testing the title with the same group of kids for four years now.

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