Interview: Popcap's Johnston Discusses Bringing PvZ to XBLA

Plants vs. Zombies isn’t the first Popcap game to make the transition from the PC to Xbox Live Arcade. But while both Peggle and Zuma had control schemes that lent themselves naturally to an analog control stick, senior producer Matt Johnston says the team behind the Xbox 360 version of Plants vs. Zombies ran into some trouble converting the mouse-centric game to the Xbox 360.

“Taking this particular game, a game designed around mouse clicks, and bringing it over to the game pad was something I was worried about at the beginning of the process,” Johnston said. One problem in particular was collecting the game’s falling, sun-based currency, a process that’s as simple as clicking the mouse in the PC version but felt a bit onerous when guiding an on-screen cursor with an analog stick on the Xbox 360.

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