Kotick: EA can’t keep top devs happy

Electronic Arts’ bid to satisfy its developers’ need for autonomy is doomed to fail, says the boss of the firm’s closest rival.

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick went as far as saying that EA’s biggest challenge is as simple as it is devastating: “Great people don’t really want to work there.”

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dkblackhawk503333d ago

So...what about Treyarch there eh Bobby?

MrMccormo3333d ago

So, how's your relationship with Infinity Ward goin' there, Bobby?

EA has devs like DICE, Visceral, Harmonix (who left Activision), and Bioware. Yeah....great people don't want to work there.

Anon19743333d ago

What's with all the Kotick comments all of a sudden. It's like he sat back this weekend and said "Who haven't I pissed off yet."

8-bit3332d ago

@ Darkride, I know. I was thinking the same thing. If I have to read one more Kotick quote today, I just might have to put an end to him myself.

Eiffel3332d ago

Don't forget Respawn Entertainment, former employees from Infinity Ward which have signed on with EA after Activision's BS.

Elven63332d ago

dkblackhawk50: Who said Treyarch was unhappy?

And Harmonix is owned by MTV IIRC, EA, Activision, etc can do what ever they want to them but at the end of the day, MTV is paying them their checks and looking out for them.

When it comes to Infinity Ward though, what really happened is currently unknown and everything else is simply rumor and speculation. Can we please wait for the court cases to end before trying to choose home town hero?

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frostyhat1233332d ago

Remember what you did to IW.

ico923332d ago

This isn't news ,this is an ignorant jerks opinion

ABizzel13332d ago

I never though I would be the one to defend EA, but what great developers does Activision have?

Infinity Ward, and now Bungie. IW has been riding off COD since the dawn of gaming, and Bungie has yet to prove they can do anything besides Halo, but we'll see with their new game.

EA has done more for gaming this gen than Activision has ever done.

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dangert123333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

No disrespect to bungie but i would't call them top devs as i personally think they lack consistency.Halo C.E was amazing dont get me wrong then 2 was not as good but it had online and that was then halo 3 got worse but online was a slight improvement on 2 if you ask me then odst came out and that was worse and had a 2 year old multiplayer,i have not played reach so will not say anything about it...but this kotick guy really thinks bungie are better then say DICE? of EA or even The Deadspace Devs Come on
Dice or easily as good as bungie online and offline they are better story tellers Deadspace offline has a way better story then anything after Halo C.E bungie is really getting to his head yes they sell millions and were microsofts biggest and best studio at one time but think...if microsof had say 7 more studio's that were as good as turn10 and lion head would halo be so big? i doubt it the thing with xbox is that console lacks choices especially when it comes down to games made by microsofts exclusive studio's if bungie made halo 3 or reach for ps3 (i know its not posssible) but if they did i honestly believe it would have a hard time standing out like it did on xbox

I mean look
God Of War 3
Uncharted 2
Metal Gear Solid 4
Halo Reach (just pretend)
Ratchet and Clak Tools of Destruction
Resistance 2
Motorstorm pacific Rift

Banjoo kazooie nuts and bolts
Fable 2
Forza 3
Gears of war 2
Halo Reach
ninty nine nights 2

Halo is by far the best thing on the 360
were as on the ps3 we will have
GT5 Soon full to the brim with content
and then little big planet will blow you away content wise
Kotick needs to get over himself and honestly

I think EA got one over Activision
Insomniac are better all around then bungie

jony_dols3333d ago

Why did you try and fan fanboy flames?

This article is about Bobby Kotick and his ignorant comments
, not about PS3 having better exclusives.

dizzleK3333d ago

Utter insecurity, that's why. I don't want to hear about "better" PS3 exclusives when CoD PS3 will outsell them all combined. What's the use of having "great" games when nobody buys them?

8-bit3332d ago

@ dizzle.. I buy them. I love them, why do 360 fanboys always seem to think that when a game sells like crazy that it means that it's good? What do you care how many people bought it when you can enjoy it the same as if a billion people bought it vs 4 million?

number473332d ago

they are the same people that think a Justin Beiber album topping on the charts means hes the best out.

just nod and move along.

people that see sales before gameplay are sad creatures.

Silver3603332d ago

You think that just because you like something that it is good. What does it mean when millions of people like something you don't? Does it mean you are wrong to like what you like? NO! Then show some respect to those that like these games you dismiss so easily. And despite your opinion a publisher is in the business of making money. They make games that appeal to the least common denominator to make money.Without blockbuster titles companies go broke. Studios are not cheap to maintain.

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dangert123333d ago

fanboy ? flame? how ?
i was just stating why bungie was so successful on xbox and why kotick should't be so so ott i never turned it into a xbox vs playstation thing man some people are sensitive!!!

dangert123332d ago

are you trying to say im lying and i was trying to flame and that people are not sensitive get outta here man

Mc Fadge3333d ago

What colour are we?

To be fair though, EA has picked up their game considerably.

jony_dols3333d ago

When Activision publishes games better than Dead Space,Mass Effect,Fifas, Maddens,Battlefields and Burnouts, then I will respect Koticks opinion.

EA actually have a pair of balls, and they invest in new Ips e.g. Clive barker's Undying & Dead Space, and they constantly reinvent and improve their existing games e.g. Fifa.

Until then he can suck on his Glitch Watfare and STFU.

Elven63332d ago

Clive Barker is a brand name dude, games with his name on them have been made before. EA Sports only saw a quality turn around when Peter Moore joined the team, Madden and FIFA saw little change year to year although some may argue about Madden today.

Activision pushes new IP's as well, Blur, DJ Hero, Singularity, etc. And to be fair, Mass Effect wasn't really EA, it was BioWare and somewhat Microsoft, the game was a hit and they ran with it after buying BioWare.

And Dead Space is pretty much Run Like Hell done right, which is a good thing. :P

XXXCouture3332d ago

"Activision pushes new IP's as well, Blur, DJ Hero, Singularity," is that a joke? those games suck so bad considered they should be the "top" in the industry, as kotick would say himself. activision cant make a single good new ip because they use all their money in current IP's. kotick even said that the money lies in current IP's and not in making new. and yes.. mass effect is EA, no they didnt invent it, but why do you think they teamed up with EA? the difference on ME 1 and 2 is big, and maybe its because of EA's way of dev freedom

XXXCouture3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

and btw i would hardly call DJ Hero a new IP. it uses the same name as Guitar Hero doesnt it? its the same game with a different peri.. i cant spell that thiing

what do you mean you wouldnt play any activision games to play dead space 2?

Enate3332d ago

You know what's funny though I would never play any of those weak Activision games just to play Dead Space 2. An as far as Mass Effect goes its my favorite series on PC.

Elven63332d ago

Blur is a good game, it was reviewed pretty well too. DJ Hero is pretty fun too and I see where you're coming from but technically it does count as a new IP.

I haven't played Singularity but it's still a new IP and the OP simply asked for new IP investments. War for Cybertron was a pretty good game too and technically a new game IP but one based in the Transformers universe.

Kotick may have said that (link?) but you guys are making it sound like Activision doesn't have any new IP's at all when they've released some pretty good games this year based on new IP's.

They "teamed up" with EA because the parent company that owned BioWare and Pandemic sold them. And Mass Effect was not radically different from Mass Effect 2, have you played either of the games? Mass Effect 2 simply improved on the original game like sequels generally do.

XXXCouture3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

Blur is a okay game. I'm just trying to say that Activision are VERY cautios when it comes to new IP's. They dont spend alot until they have seen it will sell and then they milk the shit out of it. trust me singularity is pure ctrl + v, there is NOTHING original in that game. and the what do you mean link? have you read the article? trust me i dont want activision to be the company that they are. however money talks and money controls Activision, that is why Robert Kotick is CEO and will be for a time. Activision Blizzard has become a company of pure profit, trust me you will NEVER see a niche title from activision again. they will only push their most succesfull IP's.

Yeah i have played both games and the first one on 360 which was a mistake cause i had to restart 2 times because of glitches. the second game i had very few bugs and it was on 360 too. and sequels dont "generally" improve, not from activision, thats what im trying to say. Activision games offers so little original stuff because they will always stay at current IP's and just improve on content. kinda like Blizzard, which is probably why they merged. anyway back to BioWare, yeah they got sold to EA but do you think EA was the only company interested, when a huge huge gaming company like Bioware is getting sold its not some random quick deal. theres a lot of reassurances and business strategy, EA will let BioWare explore new IPs in a way bobby kotick never would dream of doing.

and calling DJ Hero a new IP is like calling World of Warcraft a new IP. yeah it takes it from a new angle, but its the same universe, if i remember right, i could play with my friend and his "Guitar Hero periphal" in DJ Hero. that is a very clear way to show how Activision defines "new ips"

Enate3332d ago

What I meant to say, that I would cut myself off from anything has to offer. Just to play Dead Space 2 not to mention the new NFS HP. Dead Space is one of the best new ips I've played in a long time so much in fact. I hate horror games of any kind usually and I bought and Platinum the game twice. Racing is my second favorite genre and to me blur is one of the weakest excuses for a racing game in a long time, split/second ran all over that game.

Not into the overly popular, rhythm games and putting it on a fake turn table isn't gonna change that. Singularity, didn't play it and honestly won't bother. Not a big fps fan and it hardly looks worth my time to force myself to go that route.

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ZombieAutopsy3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

Everyone look at your game collection...go ahead ill wait...How many Activision games you own are new IP's started this gen??? Now how many Activision published games do you have without the word Guitar or Duty in it???

So yea sure maybe Activision makes more money (off the same old franchises), but when it comes to quality and having more freedom for devs I guarantee EA is the place to be.

Whackedorange3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

I own one, BLUR but to be frank EA is a much better publisher than Activision ever can dream of

Nadasico3332d ago

You should have bought split/second it was a much better game.

Whackedorange3332d ago

That come down to taste doesnt it, i tried the demo of them both and i picked blur cause i found that more interesting than Split Second but thats my piece of cake

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