PlayStation Move off to a strong start, say readers

Electricpig: We asked you whether PlayStation Move had managed to keep your attention for a full week back on Friday, and now the results are in: it’s a resounding yes. A huge portion of PS3 Move controller owners who voted said they were still playing, suggesting that even without a truly standout launch game, Sony has a hit on its hands. Read on for the results.

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Titanz3343d ago

That's like asking an overweight person if they like cake!

gtsentry3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

il wait for sony to report its sales not other people

gamerzBEreal173342d ago

No thats like asking a food critic if he likes cake (asking gamers if they like a peice gaming hardware) and thats fair.

JustSomeLogic3342d ago

A food critic is paid to do his job and in some cases needs credentials to do said job.
Anybody can be a gamer and asking a gamer's opinion on a game is not akin to asking a professional food critic's opinion on cake...but hey, who doesn't like cake amirite??

moparful993342d ago

I think critics are a joke they get paid to give their opinion on a subject but there opinion really dont matter.. Its the customers, you know the people that actually pay for said product, who's opinions matter. I would take the opinion of a gamer over a critic any day of the week..

Why o why3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

i trust them :(

nix3342d ago

even i have a shoulder pain... that table tennis is one hell of a fast game!

gamerzBEreal173342d ago

i like it most people i know who tried it liked it its all good

avengers19783342d ago

Same here me and my friends are having a blast with the move, it works well, and the better games aren't even out for it yet. The Shoot, Time Crisis, Sorcery are all going to be very fun.

jneul3342d ago

Well sports champions is very good and re5:move I am loving very much, I am one lucky girl

GoldPS33342d ago

Yes you are lucky indeed.

360Defender3342d ago

As if you are actually a girl, I like how you felt the need to post it. Right on buddy, good try.

Imperator3342d ago

What's your problem with girls man? lmao.

boodybandit3342d ago

He is scared to death that he will end up a 40 year old virgin so he is in full on panic mode.

fear883342d ago

My fiance and I play on a daily basis on most co-op games.

The fact that she loves god of war is epic.

moparful993342d ago

You found a girl that likes God of War? This makes me sad, why can't find someon like that?!?

Fishy Fingers3342d ago

Had a chance to try it over the weekend at a friends. The hardware is solid, but the software he had (and in general) was pretty weak. I cant really judge it fairly until that improves.

units3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

must be slow day for news

moparful993342d ago

So the gaming communities feedback is less relevant then some obscure blog that gets posted on here as news? Where do these people come from?

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The story is too old to be commented.