Rumor: Pokémon Black and White Enhanced for 3DS?

Could the latest (and possibly last) Pokemon DS game be optimized for Nintendo’s next handheld?

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GoldPS32942d ago

I never could get into Pokemon. What makes it so fun to millions of people?

TruthbeTold2942d ago

On topic though, the first time I saw video of Black/White I kind of hoped it would be 3DS compatible. Alot of the angles and views and the size and depth of the cities makes it seem as though it is.

2942d ago
fatstarr2942d ago

nintendo i dont know what they will do but seems they might have a better version of pokemon planned for when the 3ds needs a boost in sales. lol right now the ds is just stylin on everything... all systems all androids and iphones even with the free game counts = 1 ds unit sold.