Kinect price ‘has to come down’ – Activision

CVG: Publisher reckons 360 motion cam is too pricey

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Xwow20083340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

this is the only good thing i heard from Kotick.
+why cvg is ripping edge interview and make it into many articles.

movements3340d ago

Kotick, saying something good? No!

inveni03340d ago

Well, this is obvious, really. Kinect is aimed to take off around the Holidays, but I think that Microsoft knows that gamers will be making a choice: Spend $150 on Kinect or spend $150 on two hardcore games and the new price bump to Live?

I personally think that MS could sell about triple the number of Kinect cameras if they would price it at $99, but I don't think that they're planning on Kinect having the lifetime that they'd need for that to pay off in the long run.

8-bit3340d ago

Kotick talking about lowering prices? WHAT!?!

Narutone663340d ago

should take his own advice.

badz1493340d ago

pfft...note Kotick; WHY THE HELL DO YOU EVEN CARES? it's not like you're making any game for it! I dare M$ come out after this telling this douchebag to stop being himself!

Panthers3340d ago

Kotic is SUCH a hypocrite. He wants M$ to lower the price of Kinect, but then he cries that about wanting to raise the prices of all his games, and add crazy charges that dont belong.

Active Reload3340d ago

I never really got bent out of shape over this guy's comment because I always looked at him as a business man. Now if he was a game dev, I would more than likely take offense to his comments...if at all. I don't even think I've ever owned an Activision game, so I guess none of the politics surrounding him and the community, ever struck a nerve with me.

Defective Bot3339d ago

What the fuck are you guys whining about? Regardless of how hypocritical it is, Kotick is right. $150 for a PSEye rip-off? Lulz but then again they raised the price of Live and the RRODrones swallowed it up faster than a prostitute with abandonment issues.

KingME3339d ago

I don't remember you saying that when Kotick was saying that about the PS3. Or were you not on N4G back then. Same for you Xwow2008.

TotalPS3Fanboy3339d ago

finally say something that makes sense.

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Anton Chigurh3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Kotick is probable thinking of throwing more shovelware titles to the PS3.

Immortal Kaim3340d ago

Cause they are a pathetic website. This is clearly plagiarised material, to make matters worse they made about 5 articles from the 1 edge interview.

siyrobbo3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

cvg is owned by future publishing who also own edge magazine and n4g, they are part of the games radar network

units3340d ago

cvg have gone downhill lately

Hands Up For Games3340d ago

Why did I know you would agree with Kotick on this one?

If anyone cant see the unbelievable irony in Activision (a games company) telling another games company to lower their prices then they need their head examined!

B-Real2063340d ago

Didn't they say the samething about the PS3 once upon a time.

3340d ago
Christopher3340d ago

Reminds me of when Kotick said that about the PS3. This isn't a good thing because Kotick just wants it to come down so that more people will buy his peripherals instead. If people will only spend $200 on games this Holiday, they're more than likely to buy the $150 Kinect than the $150 Guitar Hero peripheral.

UnwanteDreamz3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

This from the guy who tried to sell a 120$ skateboard peripheral.

Damn, cgoodno beat me to it.

outrageous3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

...he's on a roll this morning...Kinect is too is all of gaming...LOL

When Kotick came out and kicked Sony in the balls about the price of the's was tough love. After all they had giving Sony over a BILLION dollars in royalties and Sony may of wanted to ignore him BUT the shareholders woudn't...surprise...the PS3 slim and Sony was back in the race.

He's doing the same thing now with KINECT. He's has big plans for Tony Hawk on the Kinect platform and he wants everyone to have a Kinect sensor/device so he can sell them a $100 skateboard to play it on...Kotick, love him or hate him, the man is a money making machine.

BTW...expect M$ to give the shakedown artist ( Kotick ) a Kinect bundle with the Tony hawk Kinect friendly skateboard and a bigger percentage of the profit for the bundle to hide a price reduction....price of doing business. Dealing with Kotick is like watching a Soprano's

Paralex3340d ago

@Panthers It's not being hypocritical. All the Activision published standard games cost me $60 just like any other game. He said he would LIKE to see games cost more to combat used games. Can you really blame someone trying to make up for lost profit?

RockmanII73339d ago

You fail at trolling, the point of trolling is to make other people mad. Your name and comment just mark you off as a fanboy and then people stop caring.

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Droid Control3340d ago

but because they broke it down into many articles its ok?
WTF is wrong with the world?!¬


Should be scrapped to be honest

divideby03340d ago

lower price and real games like Fable, Socom and KZ... than I will consider buying it. Just look at the vids released about skin crawl

Lazy_Gamer3340d ago

Wow, Activision actually said that? Someone pinch me!

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