Fans "hated the idea" of a Castlevania Reboot

MercurySteam Producer said that fans 'hated the idea' of a Castlevania reboot and did not approve of what they were doing.

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chasegarcia2995d ago

Fans were scared of another Sonic

morkendo232995d ago

seems promising be interesting to see how this pans out.
oh yeah fans was scared of another sonic failure.

darkcharizard2995d ago

Just the idea of erasing Soma Crus, Simon, Richter, Julius and other Belmonts from the Castlevania universe is terrible.

MisterNiwa2995d ago

These are creations from another reboot Of Castlevania, geez.

TotalPS3Fanboy2995d ago

And now, it's winning everybody over.

plb2995d ago

More scared of another Simons Quest :)

dangert122995d ago

i loved the one on n64 was almost the first game i completed then the chip in the cartidge broke someh how =/

TheMutator2995d ago

im scared of DMC , that shit give me nightmares

ico922995d ago

well after Castlevania 64 why wouldn't they ?

poopface12995d ago

but Im really excited about this game. Its looking great and I got it for 20 off at amazon and get 20$ future credit too.

Im glad that this game is getting good reviews because I dont usually preorder stuff but I did a while ago for this. This game was looking too good for me to pass up all the deals.

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NYC_Gamer2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

los might do good with the hack&slash crowd.. but in my opinion this game has nothing to do with castlevania...lost all its original gameplay for mainstream appeal..

Crossifixxo2995d ago

The game is still very good, I hope it sells very well, because it already has got excellent reviews.

albel_nox2995d ago

They haven't won me over. I still hate this game. I'll just stick to handhelds for my Castlevania games.

2995d ago
Antan2995d ago

For the umpteenth time, Cox is NOT a producer as Mercury Steam.

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The story is too old to be commented.